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Elaine Kupser | PowHERhousePowHERhouse is pleased to welcome Elaine Kupser, Featured Guest Speaker, PowHERtalks Calgary on October 2, 2016.  Elaine Kupser is the original publisher/creator/owner of IMPACT Magazine since it’s first edition in 1991.  1991!

As the creator of IMPACT Magazine, Elaine began her business with a mere $5,000 and a dream, wanting to share relevant and credible information on health, fitness, sport and nutrition with the community.

Elaine’s original passion to share inspiring stories and credible information so that everyone can achieve their health and fitness goals has never been stronger.

IMPACT Magazine is celebrating their 25th Anniversary (September 2016), and we are thrilled to celebrate with Elaine and hear about her exciting entrepreneurial journey leading to this point and where she sees it going in the future.   The inaugural issue of 10,000 copies has grown to 90,000 copies each issue, plus almost 10,000 digital subscribers, and is available in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto.

IMPACT has built a strong community, and has always had an open-door approach to sponsoring hundreds of events each year.

Prior to this, Elaine held management positions in the health club industry, taught at the top fitness studios in Calgary, has run numerous marathons, and continued to be a professional fitness leader for over 30 years.  She is also the mother of a 24-year-old daughter, Lindsay, a musician now living in Los Angeles.

Elaine on Linkedin.


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