PowHERtalks Calgary | Former Competitive Bodybuilder, Catherine Brownlee

catherine-b-bodybuilding-resizedImagine my absolute delight to discover that one of our PowHERtalks Calgary featured guest speakers, Catherine Brownlee, is a former competitive bodybuilder!

Here’s the thing:  The entire foundation of PowHERhouse is built on the concept of integrating lifestyle + leadership.

True powHER exists only in the presence of both.  I was at a networking event last evening and had a great discussion with a lovely engineer on this very topic.  She talked about the struggle women have with confidence until their find their “leader legs” and then they struggle with their health, energy and sustainability once they do.  I explained to her the overall concept of PowHERhouse and how it is firmly rooted in the integration of lifestyle + leadership, and she was immediately a fan.

Learning of Catherine’s competitive background as a bodybuilder made me deeply smile.  It’s further evidence to support our belief:  stronger in your life, stronger in your life.

Catherine won 1st place in a 1991 competition!  When I asked her how this competitive journey fed into her successful business, she replied, “Focus, dedication, hard work and never say ‘quit’!”

So very excited to see Catherine on stage on October 2nd.  Perhaps she’ll treat us to a wee posing routine!  😉


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