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Filomena May | PowHERtalks CalgaryFilomena May has conquered losing 90 pounds and running two half marathons!

It all started in 2006 when she began her weight loss journey after the birth of her first child.  A colleague signed her up for her first 10 km race to raise money for Alzheimer’s. She played along and took on the challenge.  Crossing the finish line became one of her passions outside of her career.  From there she chose to push herself to see if her body could handle a half marathon and continued her drive to race out of province.

We are having much fun sharing lesser-known tidbits about our PowHERtalks Calgary featured guest speakers.

She also enjoys skiing, hiking, travelling, regularly practicing yoga, and attending personal development courses.  She’s a believer that if we become stronger in our bodies physically and mentally, we can take on more than we give ourselves credit for.

Filomena owns the attitude of not fearing failure when it comes to her personal life and pushes the boundaries of growth.  On October 2nd, she’ll be encouraging you to do the same.

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Filomena May | PowHERtalks Calgary



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