PowHERtalks Calgary | Avid Angler & Former Pro Fisher-women, Lee Malleau

lee-sockeyeLee Malleau is an avid angler who cans and smokes her own fish.

In fact, she fished pro tournaments for many years on the Pro-Bass circuit and was a member of the only all-female competitive fishing team at one point.

We are having much fun sharing lesser known tidbits about our PowHERtalks Calgary featured guest speakers.

“The biggest fish I ever caught was that 25-pound spring salmon. One time I was fishing for sockeye with friends off of Vancouver in the Georgia Straight when we were suddenly surrounded by a pod of orcas.  It was quite magical.  The problem when that happens is that the salmon disappear so they won’t get eaten by the whales, so you know you won’t catch anything for the rest of the day, but the experience of being surrounded by Orcas makes it worthwhile.”

Here’s the thing:  The entire foundation of PowHERhouse is built on the concept of integrating lifestyle + leadership.  True powHER exists only in the presence of both.

We’re super curious about what Lee will share in her PowHERtalk on October 2nd.  Perhaps just perhaps it’ll get us thinking about how to ‘reel in’ what we are most ready for – in our lives, our business, our communities.  Can’t wait!

PowHERtalks Calgary event details & Tickets here.


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