Project: PowHER Play Inc. is registered with the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and leads with seventh generation stewardship. She is governed by passionate advocates for the advancement of education for HER while increasing the awareness and appreciation of Indigenous culture.

The Project works in partnership with Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders, communities, organizations, governmental agencies, foundations, and educational institutions to foster impact.

She hosts gatherings, offers access to leadership programming, champions social impact projects and provides financial support to advanced education through bursaries and scholarships.


Ticia Heward is a seasoned fundraising professional, philanthropic expert, and certified coach practitioner who is passionate to model generosity in all its forms and teach other women to do the same.

After a 20-year career as an NHL hockey wife, Ticia now leads in the social impact arena. She encourages women to embrace their gifts and leverage them to champion change.

She is scouting for like-minded women to subscribe to a gifting collective, new kind of PowHER Play that embraces reciprocity and creates sustainable impact.

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Charlene (1)

Charlene Sanjenko is the Founder and CEO of PowHERhouse. a global collective of progressive, whole, healthy leaders who are deeply committed to the activation, acceleration, and amplification of purpose-driven systemic change for social impact.

A former two-term municipal politician, competitive athlete + performance coach, Indigenous Impact Producer, media visionary, and community economic development enthusiast, Charlene is able to see the End Game, walk through a growth plan, and synthesize the efforts necessary to enjoy the greatest leverage, clarity, traction, and fulfillment for individual leaders, communities, and the collective whole.

Hearts filled with peace and good will
Minds filled with a yearning for the welfare of all
Endless patience tempered with tenderness
Our words and actions shall be marked with calm deliberation
Impact the welfare of all, to model whole well-being
See not only the past and the present.
Hold a vision for the coming generations ~ SHE for HER


SHE is a 10 year project. PERIOD.
​In 2030 she will close her doors, because there is no need for HER.
The following statements will be fact:
​Need for gender-based organizations does not exist.
Half of Advertising budgets are spent on social impact campaigns.
Media models potential for HER.
Silos are storage bins.
​Gender equality is at every table.
Pay equity is in every job.
Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs.
More than half of the world’s leaders are women.
Boardrooms and breastfeeding aren’t b-words to be separated.
Women aren’t shamed for their ambition.
Leading is bravery and not a title.
Indigenous women don’t need to leave their life to have one.
Women aren’t labelled as emotional and men aren’t ridiculed for crying.
Faith and fear aren’t f-words creating barriers.
SHE who was once HER, now knows. Nothing can hold HER back.

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