EVERYDAY HEROES! Gratitude Support Packs for Women Leaders providing essential services on the Front Lines

We want to say thanks.

Many women in essential services do not SEE themselves as leaders.

Yet there they are – LEADING, bravely, selflessly, tirelessly, and courageously. This has perhaps never been as obvious as it has been during the current pandemic crisis.

Hearts adorn windows and doors across Canada, and pots and pans clang at 7 pm daily in support of the doctors, nurses, other public health care providers, firewomen, police officers, and team leaders in our grocery stores and pharmacies. The list goes on and on...

PowHERhouse recognizes and appreciates each one of you.

Everyday Hero PowHERpacks

With deep gratitude, we have a free GIFT for YOU!

We hope our ‘Everyday Hero PowHERpacks’ bring you support, relief, connection, understanding, and positive affirmation that you are making a difference. WE SEE YOU.

PowHERcircle 7-Day Challenge: A simple yet profoundly impactful 7-day framework for self-reflection and growth.

GATHER FOR HER weekly conversations, connection & cross-pollination with other leaders.

Feed the Fire, 1-Woman Show: A virtual staged reading with PowHERhouse Founder & CEO, Charlene SanJenko meant to inspire and propel you forward on your own leader path.

Friends, we ask your help to share this free gift with the Everyday Heroes in your life. As we all work to respect the social distancing policies, it may not be possible to share a card with these heroes, but please do consider sending them a special note along with this link, bit.ly/2XtDGnK

We'd also be very happy to acknowledge, celebrate and thank them online. If you have someone you'd like PowHERhouse to recognize publicly, please do let us know below!

Our Everyday Heroes!



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