PowHERpacing | 3 Excellence Habits to ensure focus, presence and ease this holiday season

“It’s good to be alive today.” – Michael Franti

Pow-HER’-pace-ing:  The art of walking that thin line between stretching beyond our comfort zone in order to grow and reach our ultimate potential while carefully navigating possible burnout.

powherpacing excellence habitsThousands and thousands of Canadian women are pushing ourselves to new limits.  We are living in very exciting times, and in case we’re fallen complacent, political happenings over the past year across the border have definitely woken us up.

As we head into the wrap-up of another year and try to put deadlines to bed before a full and fun holiday season, we ask ourselves:

“How do I stretch, reach and grow into my very best Self, into the fullest, greatest and most powHERful version of ME while carefully navigating around that all too common burnout?”

Answer:  The Art of PowHERpacing

If practice makes perfect, then I’m an expert in the Art of PowHERpacing.  This isn’t a sprint, it’s an endurance race.  

Mastering this important art involves having an impactful purpose or mission that lights you up from the inside, goals that encourage you to dig deep, and remembering to make the whole experience more fun.

Here are 3 PowHERpacing Excellence Habits to help with just that.

powherpacing excellence habitscheckThe Use of Intentional Action

When we fall into busyness, our natural self-protection instinct shifts us into auto-pilot.  To keep your days and weeks fun and fulfilling (rather than vanishing!), focus on intentional action.

When you do something, Do It.  All in.  Show up.  Be There.  Fully embrace and appreciate the experience, however large or small.  Learn from it.  Use it to stretch, learn and expand.  Don’t let it slip by, that’s a waste.

Harnessing (ie. integrating) your whole energy with presence and focus (no diffusion or dilution) is most powHERful.

checkUsing Your Senses to Make Sense

Have you ever asked yourself, What the hell am I doing this for?

The highest state of powHERful living is the creation and appreciation of a thread of meaningful experiences that create memories and leave an impactful legacy.

Choose to pull yourself out of busyness when it envelopes you and enter into a highly engaged state simply by using your senses intentionally and effectively.  Breathe it in.  How does life smell, taste, sound, look and feel in this moment?  Breathe it in and experience it more fully and powHERfully!

powherpacing excellence habits
The PowHER of the Pause

Think of your favourite songs, and I’m sure you will agree that the best music offers a variety of pacing – sometimes fast (allegro), sometimes slow (ritardo), and sometimes growing in volume and power (crescendo).

Some of the most impactful moments of music occur when nothing is happening at all – complete silence.  A pause.  In life, as in music, there is great significance in the powHER of the pause.

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