PowHERlunch | Regina – Friday, September 29

by Wendi Rottluff, July 17, 2017

A diverse cross-section of powHERful women making an impact, both locally and globally.

Ready for us, Regina?

In June, we were thrilled to host 50 PowHERhouses for lunch at our inaugural SOLD-OUT Calgary PowHERlunch for powHERful women making an IMPACT and up to some EPIC work in the world!  

We are pleased to announce our inaugural PowHERlunch in Regina on Friday, September 29.

A PowHERlunch is our opportunity to encourage a maximum of 50 VIP’s from business, government, social impact and sport to connect for an afternoon of inspiration and purposeful networking.

The SOLD OUT Regina PowHERlunch is scheduled for Friday, September 29th, 12:30-2:30 pm | DOORS OPEN AT NOON

Location:  Stone’s Throw Coffee Collective, 1101 Kramer Boulevard



PowHERlunch Details and What To Expect

Our Regina PowHERlunch will be hosted by PowHERhouse Women WE Celebrate, Zena Amundsen of Astra Financial in partnership with Kim Zacaruk, our venue host of Stone’s Throw Coffee Collective as well as Ginger Braaten of Best Food Forward – three powHERful Canadian women collaborating to provide a fabulous experience for Regina PowHERhouses.

Kellie Garrett

Guest Speakers Announced

We are very pleased to announce our guest speakers for the Regina PowHERlunch:

Kellie Garrett, PCC, ICD.D, IABC Fellow is a speaker, executive coach and consultant on leadership,  Read Kellie’s Guest Speaker announcement here.

Michelle Strawford

Michelle Strawford, visionary entrepreneur and creator of What Women Want, Saskatchewan’s largest women’s shopping and lifestyle event, Bella Chic, an ever-growing fashion accessory and apparel company, and Integrity Matters, a production company.  Read Michelle’s Guest Speaker announcement here.

We are sold out for our September 29th PowHERlunch!  If you would like to receive information about our next Regina event in early 2018, please subscribe here: 

 Lunch Itinerary + RSVP List

Noon Doors open, guests welcomed

Noon-12:30 BUFFET OPEN
12:30 pm Opening Remarks
12:45-1 pm Celebrating PowHERful Women Making an Impact – 3-5 minutes each
Guest speakers discuss the concept of integrating lifestyle + leadership and what that looks like in their lives, including patience, persistence, and perseverance.
  • Living |  Zena Amundsen
  • Learning |  Michelle Strawford
  • Leading |  Kellie Garrett
1:15-1:45 pmPowHERpods | Table-Talk Purposeful Networking – come prepared.
  • Who are you in 30 seconds.
  • What it’s all about for you?  What is the impact you are looking to make in 30 seconds.
  • What is one challenge or opportunity you are currently facing?
  • What do you want to ASK the women around your table in 30 seconds – input, ideas, feedback, etc.  1-minute max. response from each guest (note-taker at each table).
  • Each guest responds to each ASK with an idea, solution, referral or recommendation.
2 pm Closing Remarks
Learn about the Women WE Celebrate media partnership program with PowHERhouse.
2-3 pm Casual Connections & Cocktails (optional)

RVSP List – To Date |  Name, Company Name and 1-Liner Description

1.  Charlene SanJenko – PowHERhouse Founder + CEO
2.  Zena Amundsen – Event Host, Astra Financial
3.  Kim Zacaruk – Event & Venue Host, Stone’s Throw Coffee Collective
4.  Kellie Garrett – Executive Coach and Consultant on Leadership |  Guest Speaker announcement here
5.  Michelle Strawford – Visionary Entrepreneur |  Guest Speaker announcement here
6.  Kelly Beattie – Beyond Connections Consulting, Passionate about building teams and CONNECTIONS to grow BEYOND what we can do alone!
7.  Tess Boehm – PRUVIT, Wishing to move my business to the next level!
8.  Jill Poulton –  Executive Coach, transforming leaders’ daily legacy through people, passion, and purpose to create lasting SIGNIFICANCE
9.  Christine Jensen – KC’s Kitchen and JensenJuice, Motivated to succeed!
10. Santanna Kochylema – [info to come]
11.  Kim Korven – Kim Korven, Lawyer & Mediator, I help parents divorce peacefully
12. Pam Klein – President, Phoenix Group
13.  Susan Flett – President and CEO SaskGaming Corp
14. Janice Stefan – Owner and Artist, Sisters’ Stones and Glass Studio
15. Sara Lindsay  Owner and Artist, Sara Lindsay | THE MAKEUP STORE, internally award-winning makeup artist
16. Candyce Feissel – Owner, Partner & Founder, Shear Escape Salon & Spa and The Style Academy
17. Noreen Alexander  Owner, Nobel Designs Inc.
18. Maggie Sinclair – Senior Vice President, Business Solutions, Conexus Credit Union
19. Yaya Wang – Brand Director,  Leopold’s Hospitality Management Group
20. 1 corporate table name to come
21. Jamie Woytiuk – JLW Photography, Deep
22. Cindy Brown – Stantec, Principal, Buildings
23. Leah Olson – President/CEO, Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada
24. Sheri Melnick – Owner/Sheri Melnick Consulting Corp, I am a strong, confident, energetic woman
25. Candace Sazynski – Candace Sazynski Leadership and Personal Development, Executive Coach who is passionate for other to uncover their own greatness through thoughtful, focused courageous dialogue.
26. Tiffany Poirier – Director, Strategy Execution, Co-Op Refinery Complex, Passionately helping others enthusiastically connect to an exciting future goal and working with them to help them make it happen!
27. Laurie Clune – Associate Professor, University of Regina, Educator, researcher and social justice activist
28. Annette Revet – Chief Transformation Officer, Conexus Credit Union, Passion for what the future holds has her asking the who and why before determining the what.
29. Kristy Hourd – Digital Banking, Conexus Credit Union
30. Melissa Coomber-Bendtsen – CEO, YWCA Regina
31. Kendra Strong-Garcia – [info to come]
32. Nicole Siemens – Business Advisor & Community Liaison, Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan, My passion is to empower the women around me to believe in the power of their ideas.
33. Cari Lemieux – Owner – Steeped Tea with Cari, Motivated to grow my business and help women connect.
34. Angela Ricci – Hybrid Renovations and Restorations
35. Corinne Allen [info to come]
36. Jasmine Gray – Business Services & Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Economic Development Regina, Helping entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential which in turn will help our community thrive!
37. Diana Domm Smythe – Delivery Project Executive / ISM Canada, I am excited to connect with passionate women who are driven to help each other achieve greatness in our communities, work, and personal lives!
38. Janet Lee – Owner, The Story co. – I bring sparkling clarity that changes the game for businesses looking to grow.
39. Barbara Osborne – Partner, Oxford Libero Consulting
40. Nicole Dumelie – Owner, Salon 306
41. Christina Carlson – Owner/Carlson Consulting Services, I enthusiastically think outside the box to bring creative, sustainable solutions to business owners, companies & projects.
42. Gina Zepick – On-Purpose Training Inc. / Soul on Fire Mentoring, Love being a Mentor and working with women who are excited to live with their Soul on Fire.
43. Elizabeth Teliz-McQuarrie – Decode Greatness Consulting, Empowering women to their greatness.
44. Brandi Good – BLG Business Solutions, I help women entrepreneurs uncover their social media confidence by equipping them with the skills, tools, and resources to be effective and productive on social media.
45. Shannon St.Onge – Manager, Crowe MacKay LLP
46. Tina Hnatiuk – Women’s Leadership Coach and creator of Fearless, Helping women overcome anxiety so they can become the women they most want to be.
47. Michelle Espino – Online-Personal Trainer and Owner, Driven Lifestyle Group
48. Sarah Cameron [more details to come]
49. Holly Bardutz – University of Regina | Brain Health Research, I teach brain health to the public classes through the university.
50. Christina Dolan – Manager, Executive Education/Edwards School of Business, I manage the Executive Education unit within Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan which provides training and development opportunities to the Saskatchewan business community.
Images from our recent SOLD OUT PowHERlunch Calgary in June.

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