PowHERlunch Host & MC: Talk of the Town's Lisa Peters

“I’ve been to a lot of networking events, but nothing like this one. It was mind blowing ~ truly, the way the women showed up for each other, especially in the POD afterwards. PowHERhouse is an important group for me now; I’ve found my community of women."   -  Tanis Baer 


  1. Charlene SanJenko | PowHERhouse Founder + CEO
  2. Sandy Powlik |  PowHERhouse Senior Writer + WWC Liaison
  3. Jasmine Kernaleguen |  Manager, Solutions Delivery, GMS
  4. Zena Amundsen |  Astra Financial
  5. Kim Zacaruk |  Stone's Throw Coffee Collective
  6. Kelly Beattie |  Beyond Connections Consulting
  7. Dianne Whelan |  500 Days in the Wild
  8. Ann Verrall |  500 Days in the Wild
  9. Lisa Peters |  Talk of the Town
  10. Christina Carlson |  Queen City Collective
  11. Brandi Good |  BLG Business Solutions
  12. Linda Allen-Hardisty |  President, Allen-Hardisty Consulting
  13. Kathryn Pollack  |  Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of the Economy at Government of Saskatchewan, CORPORATE TABLE
  14. Lara Ludwig |  SaskPower, Kathryn Pollack CORPORATE TABLE
  15. Marcelle Tarr |  Ministry of Trade and Export Development, Kathryn Pollack CORPORATE TABLE
  16. Tara Fuchs |  SaskEnergy/TransGas, Kathryn Pollack CORPORATE TABLE
  17. Melissa Jackson | Ministry of Trade and Export development, Kathryn Pollack CORPORATE TABLE
  18. Sheri Bews |  Independent Consultant, Kathryn Pollack CORPORATE TABLE
  19. Kristin Katurna Gates |  Director of Strategy and Mobile Marketing at ISM, Kathryn Pollack CORPORATE TABLE
  20. Leanne Persicke |  Senior Business Advisor - Media, Issues & Government Relations, Kathryn Pollack CORPORATE TABLE
  21. James Youck |  Principal & Architect at P3A CORPORATE TABLE
  22. Vanessa Keilback |  P3A CORPORATE TABLE
  23. Meghan Campbell |  Interior Designer, P3A CORPORATE TABLE
  24. Jocelyn Tanner |  P3A CORPORATE TABLE
  25. Sherry |  P3A CORPORATE TABLE
  26. Aggie Potapinski |  P3A CORPORATE TABLE
  29. Kim Korven |  Lawyer & Mediator; helping families in conflict shift from chaos to calm & confident.
  30. Charlotte Beaujot |  Broker/Owner/Realtor, Eve Realty Inc.; I wish to inspire strength and hope in everyone I meet.
  31. Jill Poulton |  Fueling authentic leadership for the soul-driven entrepreneur.
  32. Sheri Melnick |  Sheri Melnick Consulting Corp.
  33. Pam Klein | Phoenix Group |  CORPORATE TABLE
  34. Yaya Wang |  Director Marketing, SaskTel |  Phoenix Group CORPORATE TABLE
  35. Aimee Schulhauser | Owner/Founder of Schoolhaus Culinary Arts / Tangerine |  Phoenix Group CORPORATE TABLE
  36. Lindsey Longstaff |  Phoenix Group CORPORATE TABLE
  37. Heather Quale |  President, Mera Group of Companies |  Phoenix Group CORPORATE TABLE
  38. Deborah Rush |  MacKenzie Art Gallery |  Phoenix Group CORPORATE TABLE
  39. Phoenix Group |  CORPORATE TABLE
  40. Kayla DeMars-Krentz |  Barrister & Solicitor at KDK LEGAL Professional Corporation, Astra Financial CORPORATE TABLE
  41. Autumn |  KDK LEGAL Professional Corporation, Astra Financial CORPORATE TABLE
  42. Val Moker |  Professional Artist, Astra Financial CORPORATE TABLE
  43. Sue Nimegeers |  Sr. Integration Specialist at PEAK Financial Group, Astra Financial CORPORATE TABLE
  44. Nicole Zielinski |  Finance Student, University of Regina, Astra Financial CORPORATE TABLE
  45. Meghan Zielinski |  Astra Financial CORPORATE TABLE
  46. Sheri Lerat |  Founder of Karys Layne Candles, Astra Financial CORPORATE TABLE
  47. Danah White |  VP of Saskatchewan Operations Hub International, Insurance Broker, Chartered Director fairly new to my role as VP.
  48. Tiffiny Poirier |  Director, Strategy Execution, Co-Op Refinery Complex, I facilitate CRC’s management teams to set clear direction and targets and build plans and strategies to engage the organization to make them happen.
  49. Christina Lasko |  Sales Manager, Delta Hotels by Marriott Regina
  50. Heather Leitner |  Director of Sales, Delta Hotels by Marriott Regina
  51. Mona Bates |  WESK, Manager of Community Engagement
  52. Diane Souillet |  WESK, Training Coordinator
  53. Chantelle Patrick |  Senior Policy Advisor - Government of Saskatchewan, Executive Council
  54. Kim McDougall |  Analyst, Risk-Based Supervision/Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation
  55. Tammy Paquette |  Student
  56. Wendy Turner-Larsen |  President INTERSECT Turner Larsen Consulting
  57. Sherri Stephanson |  Aldebaran Coaching and Consulting
  58. Barb McGrath |  Above the Fold Canada
  59. Preeti Daniels |  University of Regina
  60. Sandy Zielinski |  Owner of The Bookkeeper YQR and COO & Controller of Farmer Direct Organic Foods Ltd
  61. Dr. Gina Grandy |  Dean and Professor of Strategy and Leadership, Hill-Levene Schools of Business, University of Regina Corporate Table
  62. Natasha Klemack |  Hill-Levene Schools of Business, University of Regina Corporate Table
  63.  Angela Fraser |  Hill-Levene Schools of Business, University of Regina Corporate Table
  64. Michelle Dubem |  Hill-Levene Schools of Business, University of Regina Corporate Table
  65. Raghavi KR |  Hill-Levene Schools of Business, University of Regina Corporate Table
  66. Angela Arthur |  Hill-Levene Schools of Business, University of Regina Corporate Table
  67. Lynn Barber |  Hill-Levene Schools of Business, University of Regina Corporate Table
  68. Marci Elliott |  Hill-Levene Schools of Business, University of Regina Corporate Table
  69. Heather Lindholm |  Heather Lindholm Health
  70. Kristy Ehman |  Kiddoz
  71. Andrea Phippen | Emerald Ambition
  72. Sgt. Erin St. Cyr | RCMP Table
  73. Sgt. Julie Coulton-Lerat |RCMP Table
  74. Sgt. Barb Embury |RCMP Table
  75. Cpl. Janel Matt |RCMP Table
  76. Cpl. Carrie McCoombs |RCMP Table
  77. Cpl. Heather Munro |RCMP Table
  78. Cst. Laura Carroll |RCMP Table
  79. PS Bonnie Antonini | RCMP Table
  80. Annette Revet, Chief Transformation Officer | Conexus Credit Union Corporate Table
  81. Dallas Revenko, Manager Enterprise Initiatives |  Conexus Credit Union Corporate Table
  82. Tara McKeown, Chief Employee Experience |  Conexus Credit Union Corporate Table
  83. Kristen Smelsky |  Conexus Credit Union Corporate Table
  84. Cari Dobranski |  Conexus Credit Union Corporate Table
  85. Donna McArthur |  Conexus Credit Union Corporate Table
  86. Kim McMillan |  Conexus Credit Union Corporate Table
  87. Karen Obrigewitsch |  Conexus Credit Union Corporate Table

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  1. Michelle Strawford on August 21, 2018 at 7:25 am

    Excited to attend another PowHer event!

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