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PowHERlunch Regina | FEBRUARY 7, 2018

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Join us Wednesday, February 7, 2018 for our second PowHERlunch in Regina, 'On The Brink of Greatness!'

Scroll down to see our guest list.

Venue:  RCMP Heritage Centre, 5907 Dewdney Avenue, Regina

Not in Regina?  You can register to enjoy our guest speakers virtually here.

What is a PowHERlunch?

A PowHERlunch is our opportunity to encourage a maximum of 75 VIP’s from business, government, social impact and sport to connect for an afternoon of inspiration and purposeful networking.

How is a PowHERlunch different?

• High-calibre, quality connections with a unique, diverse cross-section of amazing women - from business, community leadership, social impact, the arts, and sport.

• Real and relevant inspirational talks from women navigating the same the path you are, demonstrating possibility & best practices – if she can do it, maybe I can too!

• Purposeful conversation– Digging deeper, [not surface-y networking] discussing publicly in an intimate setting (via table-talk conversations) who you are, what you are committed to and ready for as powHERful women & leaders. Questions are sent out beforehand to guests so they are prepared to engage.


If you would like to receive further information about PowHERhouse events in Regina, please let us know here: 


Background |  PowHERhouse Media marries media + manifestation to move women forward, faster!

In 2000, Charlene SanJenko left her career as a National Marketing Manager for a privately-held national investment firm and set out to build a brokerage house of her own – and Media House – a powerful catalyst that fuels efforts, places muscle behind missions, and provides profile, podiums and a nation-wide platform for Canadian women.

You see, women are up to incredible, EPIC work in this world.

We deeply crave to be seen, known, and heard… acknowledged, recognized and celebrated for the LEADERS we are because of WHO we are and how we SHOW UP in our everyday lives.

Who is mainstream media celebrating?  We know we can do better – and we are!

We’re redefining women’s media with a model that is multi-dimensional, interactive, inclusive, and fully integrated – by women, for women, about women.

PowHERhouse Media provides what’s been missing up to this point – a VOICE; VISIBILITY for the ‘everyday woman’ who quietly and now not-so-quietly is changing this world.  We demonstrate what is possible and inspire others to Find Their Voice and Take Their Lead, creating a powHERful ripple of IMPACT.

We are building a stronger nation, one powHERful woman at a time.

PowHERhouse Lunch Regina Feb 7 SOLD OUT (Large)

GUEST LIST |  If you notice any errors or typos in names, please do let us know.  Thank you!

  1.  Zena Amundsen - Event Co-Host & MC |  Certified Financial Planner | Adding Heart to Business + Money
  2. Kim Zacaruk - Event Co-Host | Coffee House Owner/Operator, Community Leader & Collaborator
  3. Charlene SanJenko - PowHERhouse Founder + CEO | Marrying Media + Manifestation to Mobilize Women
  4. Kelly Beattie - [Guest Speaker] Transformational Change Agenda, Facilitator & Keynote Speaker | Accelerating business improvement with heart
  5. Mary Weimer - [Guest Speaker] Chief Operating Officer at Hillberg & Burk
  6. Golsa Kafili - Program Coordinator | Edwards School of Business, Executive Education Office
  7. Leigh Kaufmann - Senger Kaufmann | CPA Prof Corp
  8. Adrienne Hagen Lyster - Director, Academic Health Sciences | Engaging women in public sector leadership roles
  9. Jillian Hill - more info to come
  10. Zuri Epp - Project Manager/SaskPower | A full time engineer, mom, student, and leader
  11. Raelene Stellek - more info to come
  12. Gina Zepick - Soul on Fire Mentoring | Supporting and championing women to get out of their own way
  13. Pam Klein - Phoenix Group | Corporate Table
  14. Phoenix Group Corporate Table |  Leah Olson, President, Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada
  15. Phoenix Group Corporate Table | Laila Haus, Creative Director, Phoenix Group
  16. Phoenix Group Corporate Table | Kirsten McLean, Interactive Team Lead, OH! Media
  17. Phoenix Group Corporate Table | Chantel MacCorquodale, Director Account Planning, Phoenix Group
  18. Phoenix Group Corporate Table | Joelle Prochinsky, Director of Account Planning, Phoenix Group
  19. Phoenix Group Corporate Table | Donna-Rae Crooks, Cabinet Planning Unit, Executive Council, Government of Saskatchewan
  20. Phoenix Group Corporate Table | Sabeen Ahmad, Senior Producer and Co-Host Anchor, CTV-Regina
  21. Cari Lemieux - Steeped Tea
  22. Darci Lang - XL Enterprises | Professional Speaker & Trainer, Focus on the 90%
  23. Sheri Melnick - Sheri Melnick Consulting Corp.
  24. Jennifer Demchuk - The Mortgage Group | Excited to help with all your mortgage needs
  25. Nichole Faller - Midgard Project Management Ltd. | Passionate about changing the way we address mental health in the workplace
  26. Sara Snow - more info to come
  27. Christa Ross - Executive Director, Government of Saskatchewan 
  28. Renata Bereziuk - Executive Director, International Relations, Intergovernmental Affairs 
  29. Isabelle Amundsen - more info to come
  30. Amanda Roest - Investors Group, Financial Consultant | Helping you make smart choices with your money so you can feel empowered & confident in your decisions
  31. Nadège  Koskamp - more info to come
  32. Annette Revet - Conexus Credit Union | Chief Transformation Officer
  33. Kristy Hourd - Conexus Credit Union | Manager, Digital Banking
  34. Elizabeth Teliz-McQuarrie - Decode Greatness Consulting 
  35. Christina Carlson - Queen City Collective | Creative spirit who helps others connect & reimagine their business
  36. Kim Korven - Lawyer & Mediator | I help parents put their children first, so they can create legacies of peace during divorce and estate planning
  37. Amy Groothuis - Associate Lawyer, Miller Thomson LLP | Labour and Employment Law, Newcomer to Regina looking to connect with female leaders
  38. Kathryn Pollack - Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of the Economy 
  39. Gina Grandy - [Guest Speaker] Associate Dean, Hill-Levene Schools of Business, University of Regina
  40. University of Regina table - Marci Elliott
  41. University of Regina table - Funmilayo Gbadebo
  42. University of Regina table - Khaleel Soomro
  43. University of Regina table - Lisa McIntyre
  44. University of Regina table - Larissa Steinley
  45. University of Regina table - Nicole Petrisor
  46. University of Regina table -  Jennifer Pederson
  47. University of Regina table - Desire White
  48. University of Regina table - Nonye Ajator
  49. Assistant Commissioner Brenda Lucki - [Guest Speaker] Commanding Officer, RCMP Academy, Depot
  50. RCMP table - Sergeant Major Tammy Patterson
  51. RCMP table - Staff Sergeant Deneen Woodrow
  52. RCMP table - Sergeant Amber Clark
  53. RCMP table - Sergeant Tasha Reid
  54. RCMP table - Sergeant Barb Embury
  55. RCMP table - Sergeant Catherine Ford
  56. RCMP table - Christine Hudy
  57. Kirsten Senior - Conexus Credit Union, Member Experience Coach
  58. Maggie Sinclair - Conexus Credit Union, Senior Vice-President
  59. Lisa Peters - [Media Guest] Host of Talk of The Town on Access 7 TV
  60. Ashley Drozda - Edwards Executive Education |  Client Relationship & Business Development Officer / Edwards Executive Education
  61. Wura Dasylva - Miller Thomson LLP
  62. Lara Ludwig - Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Consultant, SaskPower
  63. Sam Zacaruk - A student and beer slinger interested in the overall betterment of women and to make an impact
  64. Beth Wozniak - Manager & Accountant, MNP
  65. Sarah Cozman - Manager & Accountant, MNP
  66. Alysha Firlotte - Manager & Accountant, MNP
  67. Donna McArthur - Conexus Credit Union, Business Advisor
  68. Breanne Dmytriw - Student, University of Regina
  69. Jenny Hart - Owner, Employee Benefit Advisor | Core Benefits
  70. Chelsa Reil - International Indigenous Fashion Week
  71. Janet Lee - Founder, The Story Co.
  72. Denise Black - more details to come
  73. Lori Weins - more details to come
  74. Crystal Pearce - Community Engagement Manager, Hillberg & Berk
  75. Kerri Geisel - Operations Assistant, Hillberg & Berk
  76. Lauren Rozon - doTerra International.  I like to be empowered & empower others.
  77. Heather Nitchens Desfosses - more details to come
  78. Ellen Glaze - Ministry of Finance
  79. Pat Hanley - City of Regina
  80. Patti Grant - City of Regina
  81. Iryna Smela - City of Regina
  82. Lorrie Snook - City of Regina
  83. Darlyn Walker - City of Regina
  84. Colette Hassman - City of Regina


  1. […] A PowHERlunch is an intimate lunchtime opportunity for inspiration and connection with a wonderfully diverse cross-section of women making an impact, both locally and globally.  Our February theme is:  ON THE BRINK OF GREATNESS, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have Mary with us as we explore the conversation of living, learning and leading from a powHERful place.  Event details and registration. […]

  2. […] A PowHERlunch is an intimate lunchtime opportunity for inspiration and connection with a wonderfully diverse cross-section of women making an impact, both locally and globally.  Our February theme is:  ON THE BRINK OF GREATNESS, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have Mary with us as we explore the conversation of living, learning and leading from a powHERful place.  Event details and registration. […]

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