PowHERlunch | Calgary – Wednesday, October 18

by Wendi Rottluff, October 10, 2017

A diverse cross-section of powHERful women making an impact, both locally and globally.

In June, we were thrilled to host 50 PowHERhouses for lunch at our inaugural Calgary PowHERlunch for female leaders at CHARBAR in the Simmons Building, 618 Confluence Way WE, Calgary.

A PowHERlunch is our opportunity to encourage a maximum of 50 VIP’s from business, government, social impact and sport to connect for an afternoon of inspiration and purposeful networking.

Our Fall PowHERlunch is scheduled for Wednesday, October 18th.  

PowHERhouse announces Special Guests & Inspirational Speakers, Cassie Hawrysh – Athlete, Influencer, Content Curator & Host/ Speaker and 2014 Olympic Alternate, Erin Thorpe – Professional Engineer, Project Manager, Writer, Coach & Proud Farm Girl from Northern Alberta, and Julie Hiner, Author, Cycling Advocate & Philanthropist.

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       Welcome + Opening Remarks
12:45-1:15 pm Celebrating PowHERful Women Making an Impact – 5 minutes each
Guest speakers discuss the concept of integrating lifestyle + leadership and what that looks like in their lives, including possibility, potential and powHER!
  • Living |  Cassie Hawrysh
  • Learning |  Julie Hiner
  • Leading |  Erin Thorp
1:30-2:10 pm PowHERpods | Table-Talk Purposeful Networking – come prepared.
  • Who are you in 30 seconds.
  • What it’s all about for you?  What is the impact you are looking to make in 30 seconds.
  • What is one challenge or opportunity you are currently facing?
  • What do you want to ASK the women around your table in 30 seconds – input, ideas, feedback, etc.  1-minute max. response from each guest (note-taker at each table).
  • Each guest responds to each ASK with an idea, solution, referral or recommendation.
2:15-2:30 pm Closing Remarks
Learn about the Women WE Celebrate media partnership program with PowHERhouse.
2:30-3 pm Casual Connections & Cocktails (optional)


1.  Filomena May – Financial Advisor, Filo Financial Solutions & Calgary Luncheon Host
2.  Charlene SanJenko – PowHERhouse Media Group
3.  Cassie Hawrysh- Athlete, Influencer, Content Curator & Host/ Speaker and 2014 Olympic Alternate
4.  Erin Thorp – Sr. Construction Manager / CANA Construction Ltd., Speaker, Author and Default Disruptor
5.  Rebecca Smith – Wordplenty, Brand Storytelling & Copywriting |  PowHERhouse Content Manager Intern
6.  Julia McElgunn – Geologist; Innovative Career Assessment Mentor
7.  Julie Hiner – Author, Cycling & Philanthropist
8.  Claudia Doerksen [details to come]
9.  Andrea Griffin [details to come]
10. Elaine Kupser – Publisher, IMPACT Magazine
11.  Sandra Bueckert – Owner, One on One Personal Fitness
12. Sandra’s guest [details to come]
13. Niki King – Owner, Senior Hair Stylist and Master Colourist at Shag Salon
14. Sara Hiebert – Owner, Sara Hiebert Life Coach, Meditation/Mindfulness Guide, Connector, Encourager, and Supporter of Women
15. Sara’s guest [details to come]
16. Leslie Vivvian – Enchanting Mystical Moments
17. Jessie Fox – Lifeworks, I am a anorexia and bulimia survivor; a warrior athlete and owner of Lifeworks Gym in Canmore
18. Marci Birnie – Consultant
19. Shaulyn van Baaren – CEO, SvB Events, Event Management, I love meeting exciting new people and building my friendships and business connections the old fashion way – face to face and having fun!
20. Lindsay Hack – Shaulyn’s guest [details to come]
21. Tessa Martin – President, Serenity Now Wellness Centre, Passionate about creating unique mental health strategies to support individuals and their families
22. Kathy Xu [details to come]
23. Sarah Huber – Manager, Infrastructure Planning, City of Calgary
24. Sarah’s guest [details to come]
25. Brooke Paterson – Owner/Operator: fabYou Pilates, I have a passion for helping people improve their lives as they age through positive physical movement.
26. Tami Hanson [details to come]
27. Trina Stokes – Business Development Allstate Insurance, Passionate about helping people.
28. Shauna Bownes – Project Engineer
29. Giovanna Broadhurst [details to come]
30. Allisha Sordi [details to come]
31. Carmen Solana-Martin – Freelance Journalist, I am passionate about writing stories that inspire, educate and affect positive change.
32. Tasneem Bhaiji – New small business owner of Square1 Kickboxing and Strength Studio located in the beltline area of Calgary.
33. Lauren Birks – deGenderizeNow, gender analyzer, mermaid try-hard, cultural translator, feminist curator
34. Lina Huffman – Founder, The Bridge Cowork.  Fire starter with grandiose dreams.
35. Arlene Zandbelt – SR Marketing Director of World Financial Group.  Driven to make a difference!
36. Christine Bobye – World Financial Group.  Building people and impacting people’s lives.
37. Karen Pearce – President, McCann West
38. Tamara Dawson – McCann West – Corporate Table Guest
39. Breanne Baker – McCann West – Corporate Table Guest [details to come]
40. Lindsay Sullivan – McCann West – Corporate Table Guest [details to come]
41. Lisa Gacek – McCann West – Corporate Table Guest [details to come]
42. Carolyn Gartner – McCann West – Corporate Table Guest [details to come]
43. Angela Fu – McCann West – Corporate Table Guest [details to come]
44. McCann West – Corporate Table Guest [details to come]
45. Shelley Buckley – SLB Staffing Bureau.  Passionate, forward-thinking HR & Recruitment Professional.
46. Melissa Lyall – SLB Staffing Bureau
47. Leslie Robinson – Quantum Learning, Helping experts become great teachers.
48. Cheryl Drewek – Cheryl Drewek Coaching, High on Compassion and the Queen of Accountability.
49. Cindy Clark – Kelana Holdings Ltd, Empowering women to seek out new opportunities.
50. Iris Talbot – President, Your Unique Voice, I change lives through improved vocal performance.
51. Lara Murphy – Founder-Ryan Murphy Construction Inc., Builder of spaces and community.
52. Margot M Micallef – Founder + CEO at Gabriella’s Kitchen
53. Michelle Cameron Coulter – Owner, Gold Medal Inspirations/Inspiring Possibilities
54. Michelle Frost – Raymond James
55. Sonya Das [details to come]
56. Janel Harris – Real Estate Agent/RE/MAX.  Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours!
57. Caralee Hubbell – Girl boss, laptop-life leader passionate about the future is female!
58. Trisha Gibson – Hickory Dickory Decks
59. Karen Skjei [details to come]
60. Debra Solberg [details to come]


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