PowHERlunch Calgary | Announcing Erin Thorp

PowHERlunch Calgary guest speaker, Erin Thorp

PowHERhouse is pleased to announce PowHERlunch Calgary guest speaker, Erin Thorp.  Erin will be joining us on October 18 at charbar.

A PowHERlunch is our opportunity to encourage a maximum of 50 VIP’s from business, government, social impact, and sport to connect for an afternoon of inspiration and purposeful networking.  Learn more here.

Erin is a leader, wife, mother of three school-aged children, and committed community advocate.  She currently leads project teams, a private coaching practice and volunteers her time in both education and sports.

“Disrupting the Default”

Being a PowHERhouse sometimes means we strive for perfection.  We’re able to tackle situations with our game face on; we’ve learned to toughen up and roll with the punches.  Keeping it all together is tough stuff and it can be particularly devastating when we find ourselves blindsided by our emotions.  After all, there’s no crying in the boardroom!

What if our greatest Leadership superpower lies in our ability to master our emotions and connect with people on a humanist level that connects, engages, and inspires?
Erin is a professional engineer, project manager, writer, coach & a proud farm girl from Northern Alberta.  Not one to back down from a challenge, she has been disrupting the default her entire life.
Breakdowns and tears were no way to build credibility, and after being told to get a grip on her emotions several times, Erin set out on a quest which ultimately led to the discovery of her leadership superpower:  Emotional intelligence to build deep connections and lasting results.  Leading is being able to honour differences, value unique perspectives, and accept people just as they are.
When you “lose it”, recognize the PowHER in the breakdown and leverage the “intelligence in your tears” as your Leadership GPS.  There is nothing broken about you.
PowHERful Living Explored:  Create awareness, explore your emotions to connect to your superpower and LEAD from your PowHERful place.
 Book your lunch ticket or corporate table here.  ONLY 50 SPOTS AVAILABLE.

Questions or interview requests, please contact talktous@powherhouse.com

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