PowHERlunch | Calgary – Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A diverse cross-section of powHERful women making an impact, both locally and globally.

We are thrilled to have hosted two SOLD OUT PowHERlunches for female leaders at CHARBAR in the Simmons Building, 618 Confluence Way WE, Calgary.

A PowHERlunch is our opportunity to encourage a maximum of 60 VIP’s from business, government, sport, entrepreneurship, social impact + innovation,  and community leadership to connect for an afternoon of inspiration and purposeful networking.

Our next Calgary PowHERlunch will be in September 2018.


Due to popular demand and guest feedback, we added an opportunity to guests to participate in 'DEEP-DIVE' 90-minute breakout sessions the day following our PowHERlunch.  These mini-masterminds (powHERpods) were available at various locations and times of day to provide an opportunity for PowHERlunch participants to build deeper connections, engage in richer conversation, and continue to explore topics initiated at the lunch.

If you would like to receive information about future PowHERhouse events in Calgary, please let us know here: 


MC Welcome
Opening Remarks
12:45-1:30 pm  On The Brink of Greatness – 5 minutes each
Guest speakers discuss the concept of WOMEN BUILT2SCALE, integrating lifestyle + leadership and what that looks like as they live, learn and lead in their lives!

PowHERhouse Lunch CALGARY April 11 2018 SOLD OUT (Large)

1:30-2:10 pm PowHERpods | Table-Talk Purposeful Networking - come prepared.

  • Introduce yourself and share a particular quote or 'a-ha' moment that resonated with you from one of our speakers (30 seconds each).
  • Our PowHERlunch theme is ON THE BRINK OF GREATNESS!  If a close friend or colleague was observing you in your life right now and said "You most certainly are on the brink of greatness, my friend!" What specifically would they be referring to?  Succinctly describe 'what' you are on the brink of to your tablemates in 1 minute.
  • As you think about moving forward and on to 'greatness' after this lunch, what is ONE thing you need that would MOST help you to move forward?It might be advice, ideas, a specific connection or ASK. Describe to your tablemates that #1 thing that you most need at this time to move forward and ASK them to do so in 1 minute.
    Be prepared. Be specific.

2:15-2:30 pm Closing Remarks
2:30-3 pm Casual Connections & Cocktails (optional)


1.  Filomena May - Financial Advisor, Filo Financial Solutions of Raymond James & Calgary PowHERhouse Champion
2.  Charlene SanJenko - PowHERhouse Media Group
3.  Sandy Powlik - PowHERhouse Media Group |  Singer-songwriter Lola Parks
4.  Michelle Loo - HILTI, Canada
5.  Karen Stewart - Founder + CEO, Bumble Bees Venture Capital
6.  Erin Thorp - Sr. Construction Manager / CANA Construction Ltd., Speaker, Author and Default Disruptor
7.  Julia McElgunn - Geologist & Sustainability Advocate
8.  Linda Olsen - News Anchor/Reporter at Global News Calgary |  PowHERhouse table guest
9.  Dallas Flexhaug - Morning New Anchor at Global News Calgary |  PowHERhouse table guest
10.  Tannis Anstey - Brookefield Residential | McCANN West - corporate table
11.  Jenna Rilling - Brookefield Residential | McCANN West - corporate table
12.  Molly Handy - Brookefield Residential | McCANN West - corporate table
13.  Tamara Dawson - McCANN West - corporate table
14.  Julie Evans - McCANN West - corporate table
15.  Krysta Patchett - McCANN West - corporate table
16.  Nily Nazemzadeh - McCANN West - corporate table
17.  Jillian Fitchett - Brookefield Residential McCANN West - corporate table
18.  Anna Johnson - Community Engagement Strategist | MRU - Trico Changemakers Studio corporate table
19.  Lindsay Red Crow - Student, | MRU - Trico Changemakers Studio corporate table
20.  Rachael Pettigrew - Assistant Professor, Bissett School of Business | MRU, Trico Changemakers Studio corporate table
21.  Leah Hamilton - Associate Professor, Bissett School of Business | MRU, Trico Changemakers Studio corporate table
22.  Katharine McGowan, Assistant Professor, Social Innovation, Bissett School of Business | MRU, Trico Changemakers Studio corporate table

23.  Dianne MacDonald, Director, International Education | MRU, Trico Changemakers Studio corporate table

24.  Eleanor Finger, Director, Alumni Relations | MRU, Trico Changemakers Studio - corporate table
25.  Kate Woodford, Senior Strategist, Alumni Engagement | MRU, Trico Changemakers Studio - corporate table

26.  Shannon Holder | ATB Financial - corporate table
27.  Shannon Pestun | ATB Financial - corporate table
28.  Simone Brown - Simone Brown Coaching Inc. | ATB Financial - corporate table
29.  Kristen Dyck - AVRO Creative | ATB Financial - corporate table
30.  Katie Phillips - Tricon Solutions Inc | ATB Financial - corporate table
31.  Joelle Foster - Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking at University of Calgary | ATB Financial - corporate table
32.  Noelle Leemburg - ATB Financial - corporate table
33.  Lindsay MacNevin - Women Who Explore | ATB Financial - corporate table
34.  Ashley Peszat | Vermilion Energy - corporate table
35.  Sheila Hellevang | Vermilion Energy - corporate table
36.  Brenda Fridas | Vermilion Energy - corporate table
37.  Kristin Blyth Lefebvre | Vermilion Energy - corporate table
38.  Rebecca VienneauVermilion Energy - corporate table
39.  Olga PoplawchukVermilion Energy - corporate table
40.  Wendy CouronneVermilion Energy - corporate table
41.  Claire Senger | Vermilion Energy - corporate table
42.  Tanis Baer - Mortgage Associate, Neufeld Capital | I am looking to surround myself with powerful inspiring women that will foster my growth.
43.  Barbara Blakey - Director, Blakey Photography & The Studio Space | I am the director at Blakey Photography, a multimedia arts firm that employs several local artists and technicians. I also run The Studio Space, a collaborative community space for events, rentals and photoshoots. I'm massively inspired by powerful women and love making new connections in the community.
44.  Shelley Hayes - Chief Empowerment Officer, Empowerment Inc.
45.  Rahima Gulamhusein - Manager, Advisory at Focal Point Data Risk
46.  Jillian Frechette - more info to come
47.  Lori Bean - Maliya Women’s Empowerment Centre | I see greatness in every woman and am the catalyst to help them heal to become true visionaries in the world.
48. Tom Caufield - Fidelity Investments |  District Vice President, Filo Financial Solutions - corporate table
49. Heather Barnhouse - Corporate/Commercial Partner at Dentons
50. Tamara Jones - Alberta Appointed Marriage Commissioner/Speaker, Filo Financial Solutions - corporate table
51. Janel Harris - Realtor, Filo Financial Solutions - corporate table
52. Shannon Collins - Chair Flair Linen Rentals and Wedding Decor, Filo Financial Solutions - corporate table
53. Michelle Frost, Branch Administrator & Sales Assistant, Filo Financial Solutions of Raymond James - corporate table
54. Marnie Smith - Senior Client Partner at Korn Ferry, Guest of Filo Financial Solutions - corporate table
55.  Helene Carron - Mortgage Specialist at RBC
56.  Crystal Webster - Mortgage Specialist at RBC
57.  Cheryl Goodwin - Director of Marketing |  Live to explore - my planet, my community & myself.
58.  Lara Murphy - Founder-Ryan Murphy Construction
59.  Elaine Kupser - Publisher, IMPACT Magazine
60.  Diana Signorile - Sales Manager, IMPACT Magazine
61.  United Way's Women Leadership Council - more info to come
62.  Jodi Bloomer-Kaput - Canadian Fiber Optics Corp.
63.  Cobi Wind - Mortgage Advisor/CIBC

64.  Jennifer Hosfield - Team Manager, Individual Giving & Affinity Groups at United Way


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