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PowHERhouse is proud to announce our partnership with SHE CARRIES HER HOUSE (SCHH) Productions, a united creative collaboration to develop meaningful engagement and impactful support around Remaining Native, SCHH’s first feature documentary directed by Haudneosauee filmmaker, Paige Bethmann.

Remaining Native is a story about Indigenous resilience, reclamation, and pride as18-year-old cross country runner, Ku Stevens, runs the 50-mile escape route his great Grandfather, Frank Quinn, took as he fled from Indian Boarding School at only 8 years old. The film follows Ku Stevens over the course of a year as both an athlete and descendant of a boarding school survivor as he makes his way through his senior year of high school during  the first federal investigation into the 150 year legacy of Indian Boarding schools in the United States.

Production of Remaining Native started in June 2021 after the discoveries of 215 unmarked graves of Indigenous children at former Indian Boarding schools in Canada. The discoveries prompted Ku Stevens to organize the Remembrance Run, a two day journey replicating the 50 miles escape route his great grandfather took when he fled from the Stewart Indian school at only eight years old. The Remembrance Run garnered national media attention and now Ku and the Stevens family are working towards establishing the Remembrance Run as an annual event. 

Ku has been most recently featured as a Dreamstarter for Running Strong for Amercian Indian Youth®, a grant program to celebrate American Indian runner Billy Mills' Olympic gold medal achievement in 1964. Their theme for 2022 is Social Action.

See how Remaining Native is capturing the world's attention:

For SCHH and the Stevens family, the goal of Remaining Native is to bring awareness to the dark and undertold history of Indian boarding schools, amplify Indigenous voices, and change the narrative around trauma. 

The Partnership - SCHH welcomes PowHERhouse to join in the effort, along with Tracksmith, Gotham Sound, Sigma Lenses, and others, to create wrap-around support for this documentary and develop powerful partnerships resulting in remembrance, restoration, and reconciliation-in-action beyond the film’s release in 2023.

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