PowHERhouse Media Group takes the stage at The Calgary Woman's Show to call out all #YYC PowHERhouses with a message of EPIC empowerment!



PowHERhouse Media parachutes into the Calgary Woman's Show produced by Canwest Productions, October 21 & 22, 2017.  Be there.  BE EPIC!

Opening with a powerful on-stage kickboxing demonstration by Square1 Kickboxing and Strength led by Owner Tasneem Bhaiji to demonstrate what it feels like to feel powerful, confident and unstoppable.  We begin our conversation on Possibility, Potential + Power, the 3 necessary components to moving past fear and achieving your biggest, boldest, personal and career goals.

Next up, PowHERhouse Cassie Hawrysh, Thought Leader, Professional Speaker and Former Pro Athlete, she knows a thing or two about navigating nerves, overcoming obstacles and building your best life.

Are you ready?  Together, we'll walk through some simple steps to catapult you forward.

PowHERhouse Founder & CEO, Charlene SanJenko, challenges YOU to BE EPIC:

“We know we can move women forward faster, together by providing access to the opportunities they need and deeper connections with like-minded women ready to support them.”

Join us at The Calgary Women's Show, booth #929 for inspiration, connection, and your chance to enter to win a $3,500 Fall wardrobe by Sympli.

Learn more about PowHERhouse here.

Learn more about our Women WE Celebrate partner program here.

About PowHERhouse Media Group

PowHERhouse is a national Women’s Media Organization with a strong focus on social impact utilizing a partner-focused, subscription-based media model.  The mission of PowHERhouse is to redefine the role of women’s media and the impact it can make by mobilizing Canadian leaders who in turn mobilize Canadian women.

We believe strongly in the PowHERhouse that you are. Canadian women are up to absolutely EPIC work in the world, and we provide profile-building opportunities, access to podiums and an independent national media platform to best represent, and spread the word about each inspiring woman. 

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Leah Goard, photo credit Krysten Merriman
photo credit:  Krysten Merriman

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