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infographic_smallPowHERhouse is pleased to announce our latest collaborative partnership with World Tree.

World Tree is tackling climate change head-on with the World Tree Carbon Offset Program.  The program provides a way to plant trees, rapidly grow lumber, reduce our carbon footprint and generate revenue in the process.

We need trees.  We need them to clean our air, absorb carbon, produce oxygen and to provide lumber to build with.  The only problem is, trees take a long time to grow!  World Tree’s solution is the Empress Splendor tree, the fastest growing hardwood tree in the world.  Their innovative program makes it possible for Canadians to make a difference with their investment dollars.
We are excited to welcome World Tree CEO and President, Wendy Burton, to our PowHERtalks Calgary stage on October 2nd to hear all about The Tree Lady’s journey and the impact she is looking to make.

Our Oprah Story from World Tree on Vimeo.

The World Tree Carbon Offset Program is now available online from FrontFundr.

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