10 PowHERful Lessons from PowHERtalks

Here are 10 key lessons that we’ve shared – and learned – throughout the valuable PowHERtalks process.

This Spring has been an opportunity to reflect on our first three PowHERtalks and initiate the planning process of our next three.  As my good friend and business strategist, Leah Goard would say, “We’re landing to launch again.”

PowHERtalks | PowHERhouseDuring this time of reflection we’ve been asking questions, gathering input and testimonials and becoming crystal clear on our differentiators (WHY we do what we do):

  • PowHERhouse integrates lifestyle + leadership to build strong women.
  • We respectfully invite Aboriginal women to the conversation and the impact we want to make.
  • We take inspiration to tangible action.  Results-based social impact – measured and reported.

When was the last time you landed in order to launch again even more powHERfully?

Are you crystal clear on your differentiators?

While delivering workshops and hosting PowHERtalks events, we work through a process with our PowHERtalkers, encouraging them to answer three questions that compile the essence of their 9-minute talk:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What’s my mission?
  3. What’s my ASK?

Top 10 Most PowHERful Lessons from PowHERtalks:

#1   Clarity Begets Confidence:  When you can clearly and concisely communicate – in just 9 minutes – who you are, the impact you are looking to make, and what you need to move forward, your confidence grows stronger.

#2  Information vs Impact:  To date we have watched 54 women deliver their PowHERtalks.  By the end of this year, that number will grow to 108 women and an audience of 1,000+ participants throughout six live events and an online audience of thousands more.  From our observation, it is far easier and more comfortable for women to share ideas or information than it is for them to get real, honest and authentic about their story – who they are – and their ASK – what they need – but when they do, boy is it powHERful!  We so badly want to serve others, but we certainly have blocks around asking for the help we need.

PowHERtalks works to banish these blocks!

PowHERtalks | PowHERhouse

PowHERtalkers are powHERful women ready to make an impact, engaging in a process to do so.

#3  Engage to Engage:  If we want to be engaging in other interactions with others, we must be fully engaged.  How we perform in all areas of our lives – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially –  comes across in our interactions.  It’s all energy-related.  Our most powHERful role models recognize this and understand that content is merely content unless it is connected to energy, fully engaged and best aligned to our greatest selves and highest purpose.  Magnetism is powHERful!

#4  Breathe!  Remember Your Ribs:  It might sound so simple that we’re tempted to skip right over it, but don’t overlook the significance of your breath.  One of the reasons we call PowHERtalks by its name is because we want women to connect with their personal power in their delivery – through their projection, diction, emotion, pace and tone.  Our lives start and end with our breath.  There is nothing more important, yet how often do we even think about it.  Founder of Blissful Yoga, co-Director of the Sunshine Coast Yoga Society and co-Creator of the Sunshine Coast Yoga Festival, Georgia Cyr, recently wrote this great piece, “Breathing To Thrive, Rather Than Just Survive“.

#5  Root down to PowHER-Up:  Be in your body and remember how critically important body awareness is.  Want to master powHERful interactions?  Start with these power-postures:  Feel your feet.  Shoulder-width apart.  Stand tall.  Chest up; shoulders back and down.  Top of the head up to the ceiling; lengthen your spine.  Breathe deeply.  Stay engaged in your muscles throughout your body – your shoulder blades, quads, abs, and yes – even your glutes!

#6  Find the PowHER in your Pelvis:  Most women never connect with their pelvis.  It’s typically not a favourite body part to focus on, but we’re here to encourage you to think about it differently.  Athletes, martial artists and performing artists rely on pelvis power for peak performance.  The final piece of your power-posture is this, try it – Keep your knees soft but not bent (ie. don’t lock them), roll your tailbone forward slightly and engage your lower abs (below your belly-button and your glutes).  Connect with your vital center and source some amazing personal power!

PowHERtalks | PowHERhouse#7  The Importance of Pause & Play:  When we get nervous, our breathing becomes shallow, our sentences run together and our message loses its impact.  Whether from the stage, in a boardroom, during a sales call or across the table at a power-lunch, remember the importance of pause and play.  Never be afraid to pause, slow down and heighten the effect of your words.  At the same time, don’t shy away from being playful when appropriate.  Playfulness encourages creativity, authenticity and a deeper connection and interaction with those you are engaging.

#8  Flipping the Butterflies:  Here’s the thing, fear and excitement are extremely closely related on the spectrum of emotions.  In fact, fear lives right next door to excitement.  If you feel ‘butterflies’, remember that everyone does.  They are energy!  Use them.  Choose to ‘flip the butterflies’ from fear to excitement and bring an enormous amount of positive energy to what you have to say and what you hope people experience.

#9  Magic Happens at the Periphery:  PowHERtalks is a process that encourages women to focus on integration. Our speaker series is designed as a goal to encourage women to embark on a powHERful process of defining and declaring your deepest desires.  It’s important to remember that just like signing up for a half-marathon that lasts for just one morning, the real benefit is in the process.  The real magic happens at the periphery.  Magic dances often unnoticed… perhaps a seemingly insignificant introduction, an a-ha moment that risks slipping by or a down-played opportunity drowned out by day-to-day busyness.  Watch for it.  Let the magic begin!

#10  Accessibility Begins with Your ASK:  Our tagline for PowHERtalks is ASK for Impact.  In fact, it is our ASK that truly sets PowHERtalks apart from all other speaking opportunities.  PowHERtalks is a process, and one that women need to be fully aware of in case they are just looking for another public-speaking opportunity.  Three things women need to move forward in their lives are confidence, connections and capital.  These potential blocks are not removed magically.  It takes attention and intention.  Most of all, it requires integration.  The key to accessing all three is integration:  Integrating the process (like PowHERtalks), the people (like the amazing peeps in our growing and supportive community) and the power of a positive multi-media platform (like PowHERhouse) to ASK for, share and receive what women need most to build stronger bodies, business and lives.

PT ask for impact

It’s Lifestyle + Leadership integrated, baby!  

It’s here.  It’s now.  And it’s PowHERful!

Photo credit:  Maggi Woo Photography

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