WE Build Strong Women Who Lead, Together

PowHERhouse is a national women’s leadership accelerator platform founded in 2013 after more than a decade of solid market research, network building and proof of concept. 

PowHERhouse founder, Charlene SanJenko was called to meet an obvious need she saw evidenced countless times while working closely with women, and foundational work began in 2000. From the outset, PowHERHouse was built to last and has grown into a national brand with a solid reputation offering live events, publications and partnerships to help build strong women who lead. 

☑  We believe in the power of the strategic use of media - one of the biggest external influencers of our lives - to mobilize women in Canada.

☑  We all want to make a difference, and we can, together.  It's time for well-coordinated and well-communicated action.

☑  We believe in the power of the collective - we know we are stronger, together.

WHY is a PowHERcircle Media Collective needed?

For what purpose?

  • With the strength of an army of supporters, the ultimate impact of our work in the world can and will be fully realized.
  • We have been continuously asked how women can support our work in the world.  The Collective provides a simple vehicle to do so.
  • Long-term systemic change requires sustainable, progressive action only possible through sustainable funding.
  • The potential of our work in the world is too great to stay small.  We are READY TO RISE on all levels!
  • We need your support and investment to do so.

PowHERcircle Supporter Benefits

What's in it for you?  Here are just a few things to start:


Each PowHERcircle supporter is recognized on our PowHERcircle page as an annual supporter. Links are possible.

Direct Impact

Each supporter feels the direct impact of her investment which allows for the development, promotion and production our FREE PowHERcircle Challenges, a 7-day program that tangibly moves women forward. Women supporting women.  These challenges will become quarterly.


PowHERcircle supporters receive a ‘PowHERcircle’ email signature logo to designate them as ‘a proud supporter of media to mobilize women in Canada’. Acknowledged as an important part of the change.


PowHERcircle supporters are ‘first in the know’ for events, retreats, opportunities and initiatives before being released to our general database and online audience.

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Director of client engagement, Sauder Exec Ed, Jackie Howard (R), engages a client. Photo courtesy of Sauder.