Day 7 Theme:  LIFT-OFF!

Question for today:

What do you need to let go of in order to lift-off?

Today's Action Statement:

Today I will contemplate what I no longer need, what is no longer serving me, what is potentially holding me down.

I will evaluate what is weighing me down - with my head and my heart. I'll ask myself some tough questions. And if needed, I'll speak with a close advisor, mentor or friend to also gain their perspective.

Intended Result:

What got us here may not be what takes us there.  Today I will all areas of my life - physical, emotional and spiritual - that are currently calling for my attention.  By committing to raise my standards in each of these areas, I will enjoy LIFT-OFF! - an elevated experience of living, loving and leading - moving forward.


Are you ready to let go of ANYTHING that is heavy? What's weighing you down?

It is a certain obligation, commitment or relationship that you're not fully aligned with? Perhaps it is physical weight - the extra 10, 20 or 50 pounds you are carrying that you no longer need.

Great leaders make tough decisions, and tough decisions make great leaders. Today, we make some tough decisions.

Imagine an eagle trying to fly with a brick strapped to its back. Now imagine it soaring powerfully with freedom and ease.

Decide what you no longer need and are ready to let go of in order to fully SOAR!


PowHERtool #7:  Letting Go To Lift-Off!

In your PowHERcircle Journal, complete your LIFT-OFF diagram.  Have fun with it.  Use colour, design, drawings.

Share your diagram in the PowHERcircle (FB Group)! Be inspired by others and their creativity as they visually describe what areas of their life they are ready to raise their standards on.

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