Day 5 Theme:  JET FUEL!

Question for today:

What if there was something you could put 'in your tank' like jet fuel that literally propels you upward - faster - with less effort?

How far would you go? PS: There is.

Today's Action Statement:

When I stand on the shoulders of others, I see the world from a different perspective. Today, I will envision just how much leveraging power I have behind me and beneath me ready to be ignited and fully utilized. This Path is not about going at it alone. We're stronger, together!

JET FUEL - Ripe + Ready!

Intended Result:

Well-coordinated and well-communicated confident, intentional action. That's what we're up to in the world as leaders - and who the world needs us to be at this time. It's not an individual sport.



Step in. Step right in and fill it up - with jet fuel!

Ready yourself for exponential growth and impact as you harness the power of the collective, your jet fuel.

Our collective includes like-minded leaders who are also on The Leader Path and ready to support you. Think big; then think bigger!

Perhaps your inner circle includes your leadership team, mentors, advisers + confidants, mastermind or the colleagues you work most closely with.

Just out from there, the next wave or ripple likely includes members of your business, community or organization.

And out again, the leaders in your professional association, networking groups, and those you interact with on a consistent basis.

And finally, your online community.


PowHERtool #5:  Jet Fuel - Ripe + Ready!

Think about the power that exists beneath you - ready to support you - the wisdom, connections, assets, resources, capacity. Your jet fuel is ripe + ready to be utilized, propelling possibility - further, faster - together.

Draw out your collective leaders' Circle - your jet fuel! - and share an image of it in the PowHERcircle (FB Group)! Feel who is supporting you - behind you, beneath you - ready to be ignited and activated! Ripe + Ready!

[If you haven't joined the Challenge yet, you can do so here.]

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