Day 4 Theme:  ENERGY

Question for today:

What if you were to ACT from a place of complete and intentional integration every day? Try it!

Today's Action Statement:

Today I will pull my energy in and up to take flight, believing and ACTING from a place where everything I need to LIFT is immediately accessible as I ask.

In my video below, I share my thoughts on flying in formation and what I mean by a higher level of leadership that is needed at this time. 

Intended Result:

Pull it in and pull it up to take flight!



Birds fly in formation because they understand and use energy wisely to get further, faster. Their position, pacing of their wings, and united effort is one we can all learn from. Play with the power of the wind (whatever that is for you). Find your formation and allow the energy of momentum power you forward from behind. Done with flapping and ready to SOAR!


PowHERtool #4:  Harnessing Energy

Think about flying in formation. How could you be soaring with greater ease and efficiently at this time both individually and collectively? What is a 'wind' strategy you could explore that perhaps you haven't considered before? You can choose to fly into it with a ton of force, energy and effort, or you can fly strategically with it in a way that allows you to soar with ease!

Share your strategy in the PowHERcircle (FB Group)! Be inspired by others and perhaps pick-up a new aspect for your strategy that you can begin integrating today.

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