Day 3 Theme:  POWER-UP!

Question(s) for today:

If you were to consider your powerful preparation or strategic set-up for your next big play, the ONE key ingredient most needed for your next EPIC advancement, what would that routine, ritual, strategic step or practice look like?


Today's Action Statement:

Today I will drop down and dig deep to prepare with positive anticipation.


In my video below, I explain my definition of critical factors and what I mean by a fully integrated approach.

Intended Result:

Activate and invite a feeling of integration. Invite ALL of you to the game - your very best mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.



Before every incredible play in sport: the winning goal, touchdown, rally or point, there is a moment of preparation or set-up.

Power-Up integrates your body, mind and spirit. It calls in your energy and focus as you prepare for your next move.

We don't often think about the 'just before', the perfect set-up, the powerful preparation of the leaders, performers or athletes we admire as we watch them do what they do best. Their execution, delivery and performance is so incredibly effortless that we often forget the thousands of hours that got them there, the powerful preparation.


PowHERtool #3:  Power-Up Prep

Share the top 3 most critical factors of your Power-Up Prep. How are you strategically preparing for your next big move with a fully integrated approach? What does look and feel like in your daily life?

Share your prep in our PowHERcircle (FB Group)! Be inspired and learn from others as we focus on preparation priorities rather than distractions.


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  1. Trish on January 15, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    This is a year to leave the past behind, and to not reflect on any part that has blocked me from progressing to where I need to go. It is good to remember that it is in our conscious choices that we can focus on what it most important in helping us accomplish more. That means sacrificing those things that keep me from creating a better and productive reality.