Day 2 Theme:  Purposeful connection spirals us upwards.

Question for today:

If you were to clearly and concisely express your 'upward-spiral' intention to the Circle, what would it be?

Today's Action Statement:

I LIFT with ease. With a clear, spoken intention supported by a Circle of powerful leaders, my goals become effortless, a natural occurrence, a result of purpose-driven, reciprocal connection. The energy of the Circle reverberates action for impact.

In my video below, I share my thoughts on the upward spiral of our lives - how we choose, how we live, how we love, how we lead.

Intended Result:

Explore this feeling of Supported Ease today. BE supported with ease throughout your day; light, invigorated, buoyant, confident, connected. Feels like: VERTICAL LIFT!



To successfully create meaningful momentum, mindset matters.

Purposeful connection spirals us to a higher level of living and leading, starting with a clear,  positive, spoken intention. Make it matter.

With true, supportive connection, leaders LIFT each other to higher levels of deeply meaningful existence where impact occurs with ease and flow.

Our ability to LIFT higher as a Circle of powerful leaders is dependent on meaningful momentum, mindset matters.


PowHERtool #2:  The Upward Spiral

In your PowHERcircle Journal, clearly right write out your Upward Spiral intention.

Share your intention in the PowHERcircle (FB Group) by video! Be inspired by others and their mindset to create meaningful momentum - now!

[If you haven't joined the Challenge yet, you can do so here.]

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1 Comment

  1. Trish on January 15, 2019 at 6:08 pm

    Rise and Shine,
    From out of suffering comes compassion,
    In this life you were meant to do something greater than yourself
    So honour all you do and the work you have completed,
    For every challenge is an opportunity to listen,
    For every obstacle lies a chance for change,
    For every dream there is an openness
    For every truth you speak shall keep you authentic,
    Listen to your heart, for it is guiding,
    A chance to fulfill a promise you set before God
    That the universe is unfolding,
    Each day, each step and each moment in time
    It will be satisfied with goodness
    Kindness to others will change lives.