Question for today:

What is the #1 thing you are ready to re-imagine and re-commit to in order to experience a LIFT in how you live, love and lead at this time? What would that LIFT entail for you, both individually as well as collectively for those you influence?

Today's Action Statement:

The world is coming alive all around me - the birds, bees, buds and blooms! I am open to the possibility of being powerfully propelled to a higher level of living and leading now.

Watch my video below for my thoughts on propelling possibility by creating an environment for where an experiential lift becomes inevitable!

Intended Result:

Sit with all that is possible. Each and every Spring without fail, nature comes alive after a cold, dark winter season. Imagine harnessing this same power to come fully ALIVE to all that is possible for you and your life this Spring. Propelled by the collective power, support, connections and wisdom of this Circle of like-minded leaders around you, feel the energy-with-ease, excitement and anticipation.

It's all there ready to unfold, tap into, and bloom with fully ALIVE fruition!


Leaders LIFT. Say it with me, "Leaders LIFT!"

What do I mean by that? 

Leaders constantly explore how to live, love and lead and be at a higher level. Not for the benefit of themselves, but of those they love and lead.

They understand that life is a gift and squeeze every ounce of awesomeness out of each day, taking nothing for granted.

Leaders leverage the collective power of like-minded leaders that transpires when they gather. A circle of power ("PowHERcircle") where energy flows from one leader to the next, harnessing collective potential, unifying gaps and filling leaks.

Some continually choose to shuffle forward. Leaders LIFT. Together, the PowHERcircle propels possibility and LIFTS all who are part of it to a higher state of living, learning and leading.


PowHERtool #1:  Done with the Shuffle and Ready to Soar!

In your PowHERcircle Journal, complete Done with the Shuffle PowHERtool.  Take a moment to pause and go deeper.  Answer the questions not only from your head, but also your heart - and your gut.

Share your findings in the PowHERcircle Facebook Group! Be fuelled by others and their re-commitment to hit PROPEL POSSIBILITY to powHERfully LIFT this Spring!

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1 Comment

  1. Trish on January 15, 2019 at 6:01 pm

    My goals are focussed on self. I have given so much to my clients that now it’s time for me to heal and rejuvenate. When I am rejuvenated I can give more and serve better. I don’t know why my legs fe has turned to this focus but feel it’s obviously been long overdue. I still plan and focus on my goals, and take this time to also prepare.