Progressive Performance |  1-on-1 Clarity Conversations

Whether you are preparing to land your next exciting opportunity or seeking greater clarity as you refine your personal brand and define your role and desired impact as a powHERful leader, we're here to help.  Charlene is a potential, performance and progression strategist passionate to help powHERful women move forward, faster.

"At my core, I am a woman who believes that we live, learn and lead from our most powHERful state through a daily practice of powHERful living.  Our highest potential, most potent power and greatest impact are fully realized through clarity, support and access – the key components necessary for women to clearly, confidently and concisely declare publicly what they are committed to and ready for."  

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"Over the past 18 years, I've worked closely with hundreds of women and networked with thousands.  I've studied change management, power, performance and potential on many levels.  Through this experience, I have observed three components that consistency show up in the lives of powHERful women - both personally and professionally:  Passion, Purpose and PowHER."

Our three 90-minute session 'PowHERhour Plus' offering explores where we as powHERful women dance in the sweet-spot of lifestyle + leadership, bringing our whole selves to each day to reach our EPIC potential for our greatest good.

Conversation 1. Perspective | Clarity: Setting your filters, readying yourself for opportunities as they arise.  Gaining a concrete understanding of your starting point and where you are wanting to go.  Developing concise key messages and introducing the ability to clearly put yourself forward as you communicate them.

Conversation 2. PowHERtools | Strategy: The PowHERhouse Playbook to gain specificity, refined focus and commitment to your annual priorities broken down into 90-day progressive performance goals.

Conversation 3.  Practice:  Action + Accountability.  The flow and follow-up to gain traction with ease through consistent practice development (monthly/weekly/daily) guided by a focused timeline.

Ready to do EPIC sh*t? Learn how to powHERfully plug-in to utilize our PowHERhouse multi-media platform through our Women WE Celebrate leader development and visibility program as we set your strategy and align your actions to maximize your effort and fully leverage it.

"Working with Charlene enabled me to focus my ideas and my purpose with my passion.  Her positive demeanor and enthusiasm for strengthening women's success gave me the confidence and assurance to find the right path in my own career choices.  Charlene provides just enough structure and accountability to allow you to grow and change without feeling overwhelmed.  She is a great force and a strong mentor." - Lisa Baylis

"Charlene has been fundamental in creating clarity around my bigger vision.  I knew I had a dream but had no idea where or how to start!  She was able to put my thoughts and feelings into small actions that has given me the confidence to speak up and stand behind my purpose.  Each conversation I have with Charlene is intimate, progressive, empowering and beneficial.  Our time together pushes away doubt, uncertainty and confusion." - Julia McElgunn

"Through her strategy sessions, Charlene has brought clarity and power to my voice and my brand. I am now able to articulate what I do, who I work with and what I need. It has given me the confidence, power and tools to be successful. She is a true gift in this world." - Dawn Armstrong

"I have had the privilege and honour of working with Charlene SanJenko for one on one business coaching over the past few months. It has been a fascinating experience of discovery, exploration and action planning on the future of my business. Charlene modified her approach to meet me where I was at, asked questions to stimulate my true story and above all guided me to create a plan for my business that works for me. I would highly recommend her expertise to anyone searching to find their inner true story and what you want to reflect to the world. Thank you Charlene!" - Jivi Cheema


3 90-minute strategy sessions $225 each = $675 + tax
Women WE Celebrate pricing $199 each = $597 + tax

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