Proactively preparing for the next decade means creating opportunities for each player to access what he or she needs to reach their highest potential.

What got us here may not be what gets us there.

  • START by asking the tough questions: What could we do better? How do we clearly demonstrate by our ACTIONS what we SAY is important.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE that the conversation about attracting, engaging and retaining top talent is changing. Specify it as a priority for your organization, get it on your dashboard, or you will be left behind.
  • DEVELOP a progressive Mobilization Plan that clearly outlines both the internal and external priorities that have been placed on the advancement of engaged leaders and whole teams. PowHERhouse can help.
  • ENSURE your leaders understand The Leader Path for your organization as well as their own individual goals that clearly identifies what they need to get from here to there. Set that into motion.
  • UTILIZE strategic multi-media, interactive-media and digital media, one of Canada's fast-growing, most influential industries as a vehicle for action to move your plan forward, recognize your leaders, communicate key messages, deliver relevant leader development programming to your team, and build your brand value as a key player in this movement. Up-level the effectiveness of your advertising dollars and the expansive impact of their results.

Team engagement, performance, wellness and fulfillment are our highest priority.

If they are also yours, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Total media ad spending in Canada was projected to reach $13.4 billion in 2019 and estimated to exceed $14 billion by 2022.*

IMAGINE redirecting just 0.5 percent of Canada's annual media spend to focus $67 million of sustainable funding on a consistent, coordinated multi-year effort of advocacy + action to ignite, activate, accelerate and amplify world-class impact.

Power up people, purpose and potential while ensuring your brand value remains top-of-mind, relevant, and relatable for the long-term.


The Power of Partnerships for Sustainability

We have dedicated 20+ years to the foundational research and development of a mobilization process that works.

We truly believe that every human deserves the opportunity to experience their full potential.

Charlene SanJenko


If your organization has committed to a priority of powering up the people who lead in your organization or your community, we want to speak with you.  

Develop a progressive mobilization plan for your organization with clear milestones
Engage internal champions and listen to gain clarity, context, and commitment to support
Walk with us on The Leader Path to bring Indigenous ways of knowing and being to your teams 
Implement a comprehensive, multi-faceted communications strategy both internally and externally
Publicly recognize your leaders making an impact
Celebrate positive real and relevant role models for up & coming leaders;
Demonstrate what is possible and inspire leaders to take action and reach their ultimate potential;
Provide relevant programming and proven tangible tools to ignite and fully activate leadership potential;
Create opportunities for leaders to access what they are ready for next on The Leader Path - clarity, connections, confident communication;
Supply a much-needed inclusive media platform for whole teams and impactful leaders to be known, seen and heard - impact amplified;
Because every leader deserves the opportunity to make a word-class impact!


  • Development and implementation of mobilization plans and team engagement + performance strategies;
  • Ability to take action and execute for a purpose to create measurable traction towards an agreed to target;
  • Convening powHERful leaders for a purpose;
  • Well-curated original digital content, storytelling and multi-faceted media platform;
  • Relevant proven programming to build clarity, confidence and momentum;
  • Access to opportunities for your leaders;
  • Integration of lifestyle + leadership – leader wellness, wholeness, energy + engagement, resiliency + sustainability;
  • A healthy, diverse cross-section and cross-pollination of powHERful players, active inclusion;
  • Indigenous founded, focused + friendly.


From a Community Investment perspective, I cannot think of a more wholistic and authentic venture.  Women, entrepreneurs and community leaders are uniting to courageously step forward and share their vision; and most importantly, they are inspiring action… These benefits and actions are both immediate and compounding.  If that weren’t enough, brings this entire movement online, creating lasting and far-reaching opportunities for limitless exposure, partnership, action and growth.  And, it’s only just begun.”  - Fortis BC


PowHERhouse Women’s Leadership Accelerator proudly to announced SaskPower Incorporated of Saskatchewan as the lead sponsor of the 2019 Western Canada Leadership Accelerator conference in Regina.
That event marked the beginning of a mulit-year mobilization partnership between PowHERhouse and Saskatchewan’s provincial electrical utility. The partnership aligns with SaskPower’s goal to promote and empower women in the workplace. [full announcement]


“SaskPower is committed to working towards a goal of a minimum of 40 per cent diversity representation around the executive table by 2021. Just as we would with any other stated business goal or priority, we must commit to a multi-year strategy for action within a desired timeline and work with a team of dedicated mobilization and amplification professionals in order to achieve it.”  Mike Marsh, President and CEO of SaskPower

PowHERful Partner: The Canadian Pharmacists Association

PowHERhouse is pleased to announce our partnership with the Canadian Pharmacists Association.
We look forward to working with CPhA to build more Women Leaders in Pharmacy!  Watch for our full announcement coming soon.


PowHERhouse is proud to announce our partnership with Tennis Canada.

Tennis Canada is striving to lead the growth of tennis in Canada to make Canada a world-leading tennis nation.

We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Tennis Canada to build the strength of their leaders in their work to ensure diversity, inclusion and acceptance of all Canadians who choose to enrich their lives through the culture, experience and enjoyment of the sport of tennis in our country.


Presenting Sponsor Calgary Accelerator 2018: HILTI CANADA

MARTINA resized

A key piece of our mission at Hilti is our responsibility to build a better future.  That goes far beyond safe and sustainable building in the construction industry; we are also focusing on creating opportunities within our industry for all genders and generations.  As one of Canada’s Great Places to Work® for Women, we strongly support the efforts of PowHERhouse in creating positive opportunities for women and girls. 

- Martina McIsaac, Region Head and Chief Executive Officer at Hilti North America

Calgary Accelerator 2018 - view highlights here.

Western Canada Sponsor: DENTONS CANADA

Heather Barnhouse Colour resized

Dentons is committed to fostering an environment that attracts, develops and inspires women business leaders to reach the top level of their fields and become key influencers in the communities in which we work and live. We are thrilled to be partnering with PowHERhouse in their mission to ensure that women and girls have the tools and support required to succeed and lead. 

- Heather Barnhouse, Partner

Regional Sponsor: DELOITTE

Deloitte is consciously committed to advancing inclusive leadership and providing an environment where women are encouraged to succeed.  It is part of our corporate philosophy to create more women leaders at every level.  Because of this, I’m most excited about our new collaboration with PowHERhouse and catapulting more women forward.

- Dailene Kells, Deloitte Saskatoon, Partner | Risk Advisory 



dr gina grandy (Medium)

"Women entrepreneurs make important economic contributions in Saskatchewan and across the country. At Hill & Levene, we want women students to see entrepreneurship as a viable and intriguing career path, that's why we partner with PowerHerhouse. 

~ Dr Gina Grandy, Dean and Professor of Strategy and Leadership with Hill & Levene Schools of Business at the University of Regina.


UBC Sauder Executive Education delivers professional development programs designed to make a real difference in the way you do business. Our aim is to help individuals and organizations achieve hard-hitting business results through relevant, integrated and action-oriented learning. We not only deliver over 100 programs and certificates for individuals, but also design customized executive education learning programs for organizations.

- Jackie Howard | Director, Client Engagement

Read our Sauder PowHERhouse Profile here.

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The PowHERhouse VISION

PowHERhouse is committed to working with national associations and organizations to close the gap between commitment and action and fully harness the opportunity to build whole teams that recognize a diverse cross-sector of fully activated players contributing at their full potential in an inclusive environment.

BACKGROUND:  In 2000, Charlene SanJenko left her corporate role as National Marketing Manager for an independently owned investment firm and set out to build a Media House for Canada’s most powHERful women.  Two decades later, Charlene and her creative + events team with with association, corporate & academic partners to move the PowHERhouse mission forward.  Meet our PowHERhouse Team.

reference:  eMarketer’s latest Global Ad Spending: The eMarketer Forecast for 2018.