Celebrating 8 Years of Sacred Changemaking

Sunday October 3rd | PowHERhouse 8 Year Celebration

PowHERhouse was born in 2013. We are a house of Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders for global impact, and media is the beat of our drum.

Ceremonies large and small have the power to focus attention in a way of living AWAKE in the world.” ~ Robin Wall Kimmerer

Throughout this journey, I’ve endeavoured to walk this path personally, embodying the process we ‘preach’ for myself day-by-day, step-by-step. Who we are becoming has always been far more important to me than what we are doing. Perhaps that’s why over the years I’ve received the question more than once, “What does PowHERhouse do?”

PowHERhouse activates and amplifies the sacred work of changemakers. We have built a model for transformative changemaking that catalyzes co-created change industry-to-industry, sector-by-sector, in community for community. But so much more than that, I’m so proud of who we have become in the process and where we’re ready to walk in the next eight years.   


Wednesdays | GATHER FOR HER Interactive Conversations of Whole Leadership

Monthly | New Moon PowHERcircle  Monthly Intention Setting

To shift society, we must shift the narrative for HER.

Individual effort is no longer an option. Creating sustainable, transformative impact requires deliberate weaving and better utilization of advertising dollars.

PowHERhouse provides simple, tangible, and meaningful ways for our partners to model what they SAY is important to them as they proactively demonstrate their values and walk their talk. We have a portfolio of reconciliation-in-action impact media opportunities to match various budget sizes and scopes, identified priorities, and resulting impact.

Partnerships for IMPACT

HILTI Partnership Announcement

By PowHERhouse | October 8, 2021

              PARTNERSHIP-FOR-IMPACT ANNOUNCEMENT Hilti (Canada) Corporation and PowHERhouse Impact Media Group partner for impact.…

CUPS Partnership Announcement

By PowHERhouse | July 5, 2021

PARTNERSHIP-FOR-IMPACT ANNOUNCEMENT CUPS and PowHERhouse Impact Media Group partner for impact. For over 30 years, CUPS has walked beside Calgarians…

New Westminster & District Labour Council Announcement

By PowHERhouse | March 15, 2021

PARTNERSHIP-FOR-IMPACT ANNOUNCEMENT The New Westminster & District Labour Council and PowHERhouse Impact Media Group partner for impact. The New Westminster…

Indigenous Innovation Initiative

By PowHERhouse | March 5, 2021

INDIGENOUS INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP-FOR-IMPACT ANNOUNCEMENT Indigenous Innovation Initiative and PowHERhouse Impact Media Group partner for impact. Indigenous Innovation Initiative (“I3”) and…

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Collective Listening and Collaborative Decision Making

Our FireCircle model and methodology is part of our change-making model for organizations, leaders and artists of impact. This model is a practice of de-colonized leadership, listening, and seven generational solution finding.

Each Spring we offer a 3 day FireCircle experience for cross-sector leaders and social impacters around the world as we collectively listen, discuss and reimagine solutions to today's seemingly insurmountable problems.

In addition, we offer a 1 day FireCircle experience to assist global, national and community organizations and teams discover the answers they need to the collective questions they have for the progressive decisions they are ready to make.


Are you on The LEader Path?

We offer three paths of practice for individuals and teams who are ready to de-colonize leadership and re-imagine impact with us.

Our community of practice is designed to meet individual leaders where they are at in real-time experiential processes following our four part change-making model guided by the seven grandfather teachings. We draw on collective faith, grounded in our indigenous wisdom, for the leaders of today and the change-agents of tomorrow. 

First Steps

A ready-for-impact three module process for women leaders who crave clarity, a deeper level of commitment, and a steady plan for action to move forward.

The Leader Path

A responsive community of practice that follows a four point monthly activation and accountability rhythm for leaders to be supported as they move their impact-project, or approach forward for progressive change.


A government-approved national visibility training program for senior leaders. *government approved funding available.

The Story of US

Mobilizing Media for HER, Human Expansion Realized

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GATHER for HER | Carlene Donnelly

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GATHER for HER | Martina McIsaac

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Learn About The Leader Path

LEARN ABOUT THE LEADER PATH September 8th, 15th and 22nd at 9am PDT PowHERhouse is excited to announce that every Wednesday during the month of September you can join Storyteller and Host Tina Overbury for a 30 minute Learn about ...
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Reflections on International Overdose Awareness Day In The Middle of a Pandemic

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PowHERhouse 8th Anniversary Celebration October 3, 2021

Subscribe to the PowHERhouse YouTube Channel SUNDAY, October 3, 2021 - an afternoon soIrée for the soul! Welcome Dianne Whelan Home Come and celebrate community with us! EVENT DETAILS:  ATTEND VIRTUALLY OR LIVE-BY-INVITE In-person, by-invite 4:30-7 pm, reception 6:30-7 pm; ...
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