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"I had the opportunity to sit down with CTV Morning Live - Regina and have a conversation with Sabeen Ahmad. In just four minutes, we chatted about who PowHERhouse is, what we're up to in the world, and the EPIC impact we're looking to make...... in just four minutes! How did I do?"
Charlene SanJenko, Founder + CEO


I am ready to exhibit who I am and my epic work in the world.


I am ready for media opportunities to build my brand and connections.


I am ready to find my voice, speak, and influence others.

PowHERhouse.  Marrying Media + Manifestation to Mobilize Women.

media [mee-dee-uhthe means of communication to influence people widely.

manifestation [man-uh-fuh-stey-shuh n, -fe-] to prove or put beyond doubt or question.

mobilize [moh-buh-lahyz] to prepare for action; to increase or bring to full stage of development [ie. EPIC!]

Our current issue provides 66 pages of lifestyle + leadership solutions
for Canadian women.  Click the video for a 60-second glimpse. 

Read the full issue here.

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OCTOBER 25, 2013   COAST REPORTER CHRISTINE WOOD/STAFF WRITER A networking mixer to encourage strong female leadership in the community also offered some reasoning behind powHERhouse- — Gibsons Coun. Charlene SanJenko’s new endeavor that fulfills a dream dating back to her arrival on the Coast. A self-professed seeker and filler … Continue reading

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The Stronger We Are, The Stronger We Are

By Charlene SanJenko | October 4, 2013


When I joined the PowHerHouse community I instantly sensed a shift.

This group of women is powHERful in a way I've never fully experienced.  They embody synergy, community, and true championship.  Charlene has built a house for women to come, drop whatever has been holding them back at the door, and truly soar.  I had one conversation with her, and as a result of that I just