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Thank you to everyone who helped make the Accelerator a huge success! 
Watch for our followup report and ACTION plan coming soon.

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THE LEADER PATH, a propriety process, provides leaders with an exploration of most direct route from A to B based on where they are now, the ultimate impact they are committed to make, and what they’re ready for next!

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The Leader Path | 2020 Prep MasterClass:
The Leader Path to Your Fired-Up 2020!

Join Charlene on November 15 and/or January 10 for a 90-minute strategy session.

MASTERCLASS | The Leader Path

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Impact, inspiration + insights to move you forward.

We live in an amazing country where opportunities abound during an exciting time in history. We believe that Canadian women are being called to step-up and into higher levels of leadership, to challenge the systems no longer serving us and our families, and to work to find new solutions and approaches to keep Canadians (and beyond!) strong!  

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Leadership Insights + Announcements

SaskPower Incorporated: Lead Sponsor | 2019 Western Canada Leadership Accelerator Event

By powHERhouse | September 1, 2019

WESTERN CANADA LEADERSHIP ACCELERATOR – FALL 2019 PowHERhouse Women’s Leadership Accelerator is proud to announce that SaskPower Incorporated of Saskatchewan will serve as the lead sponsor for the upcoming 2019 Western Canada Leadership Accelerator conference in Regina. The event marks the beginning of a partnership between PowHERhouse and Saskatchewan’s provincial electrical utility. The partnership aligns…

Pam Klein and Miriam Johnson | Above the Fold

Pam Klein and Miriam Johnson | Above the Fold

By Charlene SanJenko | August 15, 2019

Local leaders, Pam Klein and Miriam Johnson, recently met with Barb McGrath of Above the Fold for a conversation about leadership and our upcoming Western Canada Leadership Accelerator, September 25-27, 2019. These two amazing PowHERhouses, Pam and Miriam, will co-deliver a morning keynote on our Key Conference Day, Thursday, September 26th. Details here. Ready to…

DOGS. A Coach’s Best Coach!

By Guest Author | August 6, 2019

Leadership Insights by Linda Allen-Hardisty How do you prepare for an opportunity that requires your best self? Athletes use ritual, a tried and true practice. As a professional coach, I also have a regular practice to ensure I am the best coach possible for the leaders I work with:  Daily dog walks.   Presence: Dogs…


By Guest Author | August 1, 2019

Leadership Insights by Kathryn Pollack Connection is the heart of our human experience. This is relatively clear to us in our personal lives. Where we can run into trouble and completely miss out is not acknowledging that professional relationships hold the heart of our work-life experience. After all, we are the same humans at work…

WB2S Leadership Accelerator 2019 | PowHERhouse Welcomes P3Architecture Partnership

By Charlene SanJenko | July 23, 2019

PowHERhouse is pleased to welcome back P3Architecture Partnership (P3A) as a Western Canada Leadership Accelerator Partner! P3Architecture Partnership (P3A) is an architectural firm with deep roots in Saskatchewan. Since their beginning 65 years ago P3A has been committed to innovative, sustainable design that makes a meaningful difference to people, communities and the environment. The firm…


By PowHERhouse | July 14, 2019

WESTERN CANADA LEADERSHIP ACCELERATOR – FALL 2019 Meet Lee. Lee Kindell is a Hospitality Innovator. “I have learned, in order to lead, one must serve. I am always exploring how to serve.” On #MenWhoMobilize… The number one conversation that I hope men and women are having at this time is to create a consistent exchange…

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