EXPANDING BEYOND BELIEF - A Reunion with Reverence

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We are called to lead differently. What if all of this uncertainty is an invitation to lead beyond fear and engage in an adventure beyond our beliefs? What if fear is the signal we are moving in the right direction? This is the first step to FireDancing, where we are adaptable, resilient and ready for all that is yet to come.

Are you ready to dance with us? 

October 30 - FIRST STEPS Cohort 1 begins

November 6 - FireCircle featuring Andrea Menard, Dianne Whelan, and Charles Eisenstein.

November 26/27/30  KNOW-BE-DO | Masterclass with Christina Benty

Collaborative conversations and decision-making for HER.

We convene global partners and leaders, both online and offline in nine areas of local action for global impact: Health, Food, Finance, Business, Truth, Energy, Politics, Faith, and our Indigenous Roots.

Across sectors and geographical boundaries we stay in the room, modeling a new way of engaging processes for impact. We change the conversation for sustainable and systemic change. We do this by coming together for HER.

To shift society, we must shift the narrative for HER.

Individual effort is no longer an option. Creating sustainable, transformative impact requires deliberate weaving and better utilization of advertising dollars.

PowHERhouse provides simple, tangible, and meaningful ways for our partners to model what they SAY is important to them as they proactively demonstrate their values and walk their talk. We have a portfolio of reconciliation-in-action impact media opportunities to match various budget sizes and scopes, identified priorities, and resulting impact.

What are you ready for?

We activate our full potential to lead through our values-based programs, processes and performance strategies.

We offer three real-life, real-time, experiential programs designed to ignite hope and mobilize a leader’s potential for impact. We draw on collective faith, grounded in our indigenous wisdom, for the leaders of today and the change-agents of tomorrow. All for HER.

First Steps

A ready-for-impact three module process for women leaders who crave clarity, a deeper level of commitment, and a steady plan for action to move forward.

The Leader Path

A proven and progressive growth experience for impact implementing stretch-thinking, high-accountability and reciprocal peer-mentoring while grounded in Indigenous wisdom. This path walks with individual women as they learn to lead collectively and reach their full potential.


A government-approved national visibility training program for senior leaders. *government approved funding available. Meet Amplified by PowHERhouse leaders here.

The Story of US

Mobilizing Media for HER.

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