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We develop a progressive performance mobilization plan that matches your team's priorities, sets clear targets + key indicators, then uses a proven media, programming, strategic communications and events framework to execute on that plan, specifically designed to engage, recognize and catalyze your leaders' fullest potential. Winning teams are healthy, happy, and hold space for each other and the realization of each player's innate and ultimate potential.


We walk beside you to amplify your impact, steadily building your brand value, strategically communicating key messages, and positioning you as a positive role-model on The Leader Path exploring your fullest potential. As your third-party purpose-driven publicist + performance catalyst, we utilize interactive, purpose-driven digital media, online publications, well-curated campaigns and high-calibre connections to access the opportunities you are ready for next.


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THE LEADER PATH, a propriety process, provides leaders with an exploration of most direct route from A to B based on where they are now, the ultimate impact they are committed to make, and what they’re ready for next!







Three Consecutive Days of Immersive Growth & Impact to Supercharge Your Path, Purpose & Performance as a Canadian Leader.

Leadership Insights + Announcements

Day 4: READY | 2019 PowHERcircle Challenge

By Charlene SanJenko | January 16, 2019

Day 4 Theme:  READY Question for today: In one sentence:  What are you ready for in 2019? Today’s Action Statement: I know that the life experience I am looking to create in 2019 begins with my ability to clearly define and communicate it.  #SPEAK READY TO RISE! Intended Result: Clearly, confidently and concisely communicate what…

Saskatoon PowHERlunch | Speaker Announcement: Christine Hrudka

By Charlene SanJenko | January 15, 2019

Passionate Pharmacist, Entrepreneur and Chair of the Canadian Pharmacist Association, Christine Hrudka, will be attending and speaking at our upcoming Saskatoon PowHERlunch on Wednesday, February 6, 2019. Christine leads a movement committed to women leaders in pharmacy.  This includes increasing both the numbers of women on boards as well as successful women in ownership. Christine believes…

Women Built2Scale Leadership Accelerator | Keynote Speaker Announcement: Miriam Johnson

By Charlene SanJenko | January 15, 2019

WESTERN CANADA LEADERSHIP ACCELERATOR – FALL 2019 Meet Miriam. We are pleased to announce that Miriam Johnson, the Director of Marketing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club, will be attending and speaking at our Western Canada Leadership Accelerator in Regina, September 25-27, 2019. As the Director of Marketing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Miriam oversees all…

Day 3: RELEASE | 2019 PowHERcircle Challenge

By Charlene SanJenko | January 15, 2019

Day 3 Theme:  RELEASE Question(s) for today: What is the one area of your life most in need of an upgrade?  LISTEN.  What do you need to remove, reject or RELEASE to make room for what is waiting to come into your life experience this year? Today’s Action Statement: Today I will listen for what…

Day 2: REALIZE | 2019 PowHERcircle Challenge

By Charlene SanJenko | January 14, 2019

Day 2 Theme:  REALIZE Question for today: In order for your 2019 all-systems upgrade to be most efficient, effective, deeply energizing and sustainable, what are you being asked to remember right now? Today’s Action Statement: I realize there is a unique road map for my life that I am compelled to take action on at…

Day 1: REFRESH | 2019 PowHERcircle Challenge

By Charlene SanJenko | January 13, 2019

Day 1 Theme:  REFRESH Question for today: If you were to commit to experiential lift in 2019 with a total REFRESH, an all-systems upgrade, what would that entail? Today’s Action Statement: A brand-new year, a clean slate.  Today I will consider the uncharted territory before me.  I am open to a total REFRESH on all…

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