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It starts as you are waking up in the morning – the early rumblings of anticipation.  Thinking about the people you will meet with today, the edges of your mouth curl themselves into a smile – you know you are working on impactful projects together.  Reflecting on the events of the week to date brings a sense of pride and accomplishment – your energy is bubbling knowing you will connect with coworkers and community leaders on legacy follow-up projects.   A productive space.  A common agenda.  A community of ‘why not’ Change-makers.  A pathway to global opportunities.  You hop out of bed ready for the day!


Love where you work.  Nanaimo – The Network Hub.

It’s about community.  It’s about collective action.  It’s about events.  It’s about membership.  Loving where you live and work is a decision, a vision, a system, and a commitment of daily conscious thought and action.  For me, The Network Hub is a just that – a ‘network’ of people connected in a physical and virtual ‘hub’ that are committed to growing their own business and in turn, growing the multi-generational wealth of Vancouver Island and Nanaimo.

Even the name ‘Nanaimo’ means the Gathering Place – how apt for our elders to see its value as the central place of trade and events for the region; I am so privileged to continue the tradition.  My vision for The Network Hub is to give locals a space to work, to gather for collective deliberation and action, to foster collective pride-of-place, and to be in a ‘destination’ that leverages a high return on investment.


In October 2015, The Network Hub is proud to collaborate with PowHERhouse to kick off the inaugural PowHERtalks Speaker Series in Nanaimo 24 October celebrating lifestyle and leadership.  Watch for more on this impactful event series that connects communities and local leaders across Canada.


Angie - Edge to Edge photo


Angie Barnard is the Chief Motivating Officer of Nanaimo’s – The Network Hub.  She is also a PowHERhouse Women We Celebrate and the Event Host for PowHERtalks Nanaimo on October 24th at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre.


Angie recently successfully completed the Edge to Edge Half Marathon through the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet, BC on June 14th, 2015.  Congratulations Angie!


You can find out more about Angie and how to connect with her here.


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