My Moai and the Importance of Your Ikigai

Meet my Moai, my FireDancers.

A Moai is a half dozen friends with whom you travel through life.

According to Dan Buettner (TED Talk), these friends share in the bounties of life and also have each other’s back when the chips are down.

The term Moai is from Okinawa about 100 miles southeast of Tokyo where, interestingly enough, the oldest living population of females resides. I personally think I’m onto something.

I refer to my Moai as my FireDancers. And yes, we are traveling through life and creating our life, together.


During these interesting and uncertain times, my FireDancers keep me grounded. They hold space for my freak-outs as needed and are my collective wisdom for strategies, pivots, and best practices we refer to as whole leader insights. The sacred space they provide in my life allows my crazy ideas to fly without judgment; and together, we have quite literally manifested some pretty cool adventures and experiences.

Most importantly, they support my journey to clarity on my Ikigai, the reason for which I wake-up in the morning. They hold me accountable to ensure my daily actions are a constant and consistent reflection of my Ikigai as we walk together towards our highest level of collective service and greatest impact in the world while having the most fun.

You’ve got the time. Pull together your Moai and reach out to them. Get super-clear on your Ikigai and know what what you stand for as we walk through this time and out the other side of it, together.

Reference: Dan Buettner, National Geographic writer and explorer. Dan studies the world’s longest-lived peoples, distilling their secrets into a single plan for health and long life. Author of Blue Zones.

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