We're reimagining how films are funded and inviting you to join us.

With an innovative, grassroots approach to film production, you can now join us as a Mothers of the Film and participate in a progressive crowd-funding campaign and also supports donations to Keep Canada Wild!

PowHERhouse is pleased to be working closely with Dianne as an Impact Producer, building relationships, support, momentum, and awareness throughout the film's production and launch. Mothers of the Film invites Canadian women to proactively participate in backing and birthing independent film. In our 2021 soft launch, we raised over $10,000, and this year, we have a goal of securing 100 Mothers of the Film. 


Gemini-nominated filmmaker Dianne Whelan invites Canadian women to join her campaign as 'Mothers of the Film' for 500 Days in the Wild:

I'm a proud Mother of the Film!
Only 100 women will share and make her a Mother of the Film, 500 Days in the Wild.
This year, give the gift of this creative experience to a Mother in your life.
She will get her name on the film credits, will be the first to see the film, and have exclusive access
to the film's director, Dianne Whelan.
But most importantly, your donation will protect the wilderness and help tell HERSTORY.


1. Make a $1,000 one-time tax-deductible impact investment to help change how film is financed in Canada.

2. Visit this this LINK at CPAWS to make your donation.

3. Receive a tax-deductible receipt, thanks to our partnership with CPAWS, the Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society.

4. Take a screenshot of your confirmation receipt and upload it HERE to confirm your Mother of the Film benefits with PowHERhouse.

5.  Join us for a series of hosted virtual creative conversations with Dee and our Mothers throughout 2022 and at an in-person event late Summer 2022.

6. Like more info?  Download our 1-Pager to learn more.


We celebrate these founding Mothers of the Film and invite you to join us as we reimagine how film is financed into the future.

Thank you to these generous supporters :

Melanie Rupp     Tracey McVicar     Sandy Kay     Daphne Francis     Claudie & Terra Boone     Valerie Pringle     Tanis Frame     Brenda Morrison     Sherry Coman     Michelle Cole     Ticia Heward -     Geraldine Whelan     Miah Olmsted     Nadine Currie Jackson      &  additional Anonymous Mothers of the Film

PowHERhouse looks forward to hosting a series of virtual creativity conversations with Dee and our Mothers in 2022 as well as an in-person event on the Sunshine Coast in late summer 2022. Details to follow. 

Project Details - Dianne’s journey began on Canada Day, July 1, 2015, when she set out on an ecological pilgrimage to honour the land, the water, our ancestors, and to search for the wisdom needed to protect the earth for future generations, while simultaneously filming a documentary about the experience. The feature documentary culled from hundreds of hours of filming will be a weave of adventure film, personal reflections, and stunning captures of wildlife and landscapes. The people she encounters are indigenous elders she pays her respects to along the way, friends who occasionally join her on the trail, and locals in the communities she passes through.

“At 50, I found myself at a crossroads with the world no longer making sense. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, racial unrest, and a recession, a new story has emerged on the Trail, the realization that we will not survive traveling solo. Partnerships with CPAWS and with Charlene SanJenko of PowHERhouse, our Indigenous Impact Producer, are the way we move forward together."

DIANNE WHELAN is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker, photographer, author and multimedia artist. She is no stranger to shooting indie films in extreme locations. She’s filmed on Mt. Everest for her award-winning documentary film 40 Days at Base Camp and on the most northern coastline of Canada for This Land.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Dianne Whelan, please contact Charlene SanJenko, Indigenous Impact Producer at

(604) 741.7985  •  •  


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