Our Mission

by Charlene SanJenko, September 29, 2013

PowHERhouse’s mission is to connect women to their strongest Selves, highest sense of purpose and each other, empowering them to live, lead and learn from their most powHERful state.

The world needs healthy, whole and happy women – strong women – who are ready to make a difference, not only in Spirit, but in Mind, armed with the stamina of a fit and vibrant body. Health, self-care and lifestyle management cannot be ignored amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, especially for female leaders, decision-makers, change agents and women of influence.

At PowHERhouse, we believe in sweet-spot centrally located between internal and external strength as well as individual and collective strength.  It is where the magic happens!  Through our media, events and learning opportunities, we’re primed and positioned to build a stronger national – one woman at a time!


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