MAY 16 WEBINAR | Leadership Accelerator Keynote Speakers

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On Thursday, May 16 @ 3 pm Pacific, we will engage in a conversation with keynote guest speakers:

Pam Klein, President at Phoenix Group, Miriam Johnson, Director of Marketing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club,Tom Watson, Business Leader, Author & Founder of Your Better Life, [not available for May 16] and Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow, Indigenous Social Impact Entrepreneur and Founder of Birch Bark Coffee about our upcoming Accelerator in Regina on September 25-27,  2019, what we're looking to create for this 3-day leader development + activation experience, who should attend, and why.

Let's start the conversation - NOW!

  • If we are wanting to activate, accelerate and amplify leaders who are ready to live, love and lead at a high level, what is the #1 thing we should focus on at this time?
  • We are using various sports analogies and league models to make a point because sport is one area that successfully yields athletes working at their highest potential year after year for a specific goal or impact. What do you think we could most learn from sport at this time and pull across to an interactive leadership conversation?
  • It's 2019. You know the lay of the land - in business, politics, the environment, social challenges facing families, our future - what to you most hope the Accelerator can deliver to help us take a solid and measurable step forward by December 31, 2019?

We hope you'll plan to join us!

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