The Marriage of Media + Manifestation to Move Women Forward, Faster

What would happen if we married media + manifestation to mobilize change?

I’ll tell you what would happen, pure EPIC potential.

I’m Charlene SanJenko, and I’m a powHERful convener.   As the Founder + CEO of PowHERhouse Media Group, and I’ve made it my business to explore the cross-section and play in the sweet-spot of where this marriage occurs.

PowHERhouse mobilizes individual and collective change – faster, with greater ease and efficiency to produce optimized results:

• We use a Progressive Performance Process, a proprietary media framework that moves leaders from where they are now to where they know they can be, operating at their highest potential.

• We we use media to help leaders find Clarity around what they are READY for, and to remind them of their true Calling – if they weren’t called, they wouldn’t be compelled.

• We strategically use of media as a mirror – where leaders SEE themselves – literally see themselves in third-party interviews, profiles, videos, on stage – and begin to fully recognize their worth.

• As external confirmation and public acknowledgement shows up, the realization process magnifies. Further evidence of their potential! After all, we all need proof.

• Finally, to completely bridge the gap, a tool called – Embody It to Believe It! It’s where my experience as a former competitive athlete, trainer and coach complete the process.

The power of Media to influence is enormous.

The power of Manifestation; we’re only scratching the surface.

If we want to fully leverage our EPIC potential as agents of change, it’s our responsibility to marry these two worlds together. 

The results absolutely SPEAK for themselves.

Welcome to PowHERhouse, a House build for powHERful women ready to explore this marriage and bring our whole selves to each day to reach our EPIC potential for our greatest good.

Anything less would not do justice to the experience we have chosen for this lifetime, or your would not have been drawn to join us!

The world is waiting.



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