Marianne Bell | Navigator of Growth + Transformation

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I believe dreams are realized by navigating a strategic and purposeful journey.

Dreams are a size too big so we can grow into them” 

                                                                           ~Josie Bissett

Marianne Bell is a strategist for leaders navigating personal, professional & business growth and transformation.

She is an independent, driven, curious, and compassionate woman who wears many hats including wife, mother, lifelong learner, leader, advisor, mentor and educator to name a few. Marianne believes dreams are achievable goals that are realized when navigating a strategic and purposeful journey.

As a certified project management professional and John Maxwell coach, speaker & trainer, she is passionate about helping people and organizations realize their dreams through the application of leadership, strategy, business and project management principles as well as the strategic use of technology to enable business process.

Currently, Marianne is helping the University of Saskatchewan grow to be the university the world needs by leading the development and execution of the institution’s 5 year technology plan. She has a personal development company and is a volunteer Director, Outreach for the PMI North Saskatchewan chapter.

Marianne's unique differentiators are:

  • Strategic Navigator: Marianne sees beyond the surface-level goals to where people really want to go. She helps them prepare for what’s ahead and coaches them through challenging experiences. She is a master of both the art and science of strategic thinking and strategy execution; effectively combining dreams with details and doing with thinking.
  • Resource-Driven Connector: Marianne provides solutions that best fit the situation. Her curiosity and love for learning leave her with a diverse network of connections and tool kit of strategies that she regularly accesses to help people steer clear of potholes or raise their awareness of potential opportunities.
  • Organized Chaos: Marianne is a creative problem solver that brings in multiple, diverse perspectives and
  • Intellectually Curious: Marianne is outcome driven and invests her time and energy into learning how to effectively execute strategy and create a culture of cross-functional collaboration, effective communication, accountability, transparency and trust. Her calming, ‘everything is figure-outable’ attitude enables her to quickly move onto the next idea when testing a new idea fails.


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The United Nations has put out a call for help to achieve their quality education sustainability goal. Marianne wants to help move the needle on this particular quality education outcome through her personal development business, her volunteer role with PMI North Saskatchewan chapter and  her role with the University of Saskatchewan.

  • How she plans to do that is to design and implement a tech enabled personal development program that equips the next generation with the skills employers and life demand which according to the Project Management Institute and her experience includes: Project Management, Leadership, Strategy and Business Management. To inform the program's success path, she will be using her own journey growing from a young girl with an interest in math, technology and art to a senior technology strategist supporting the oversight and execution of growth and transformation plans.
  • The program’s content will be based on curriculum from the #1 leadership guru, John C. Maxwell as well as knowledge gained from the Project Management Institute, a world leader in project management and her business education and experience leading many tech enabled business growth projects.
  • Group coaching, mentorship and masterminds will be a core component in the program as Marianne feels this is a must have component to get the desired results but often a privilege not financially accessible to all.
  • To support this bigger picture vision, she will first be launching a one-year virtual mastermind beta program on October 7, 2019 to provide subject matter experts or business leaders looking to amplify their performance while tearing down the barriers that are constantly holding them back from business growth or transformation.
    • The mastermind will provide a monthly group study of the John Maxwell’s new book LEADERSHIFT to empower participants with the ability and motivation to make leadership changes and shifts that can affect their organizational AND personal growth.
    • The one-year program will provide time to focus on mastering the art of leadership without feeling overwhelmed.
    • This mastermind will both inform and help fund the design and implementation of the youth development program.

If you want to move your effectiveness in delivering products, services or results to the next level while supporting the development of next generation leaders, add your name to the program’s waiting list today. 

For more information about the driver behind the program, the program design or to sponsor the program please feel free to email


"I have been truly inspired by Marianne’s ambition to pursue her leadership facilitation and training goals and feel privileged to be a part of her journey. Marianne courageously brought a team of people leaders together to challenge our beliefs and biases, and effectively motivated myself and many others to push beyond the boundaries we had created for ourselves and pursue growing more deeply into our leadership abilities. I wish Marianne much success in her mission to train and inspire current and future leaders in our community." 

Tanieth Dale

“Marianne Bell stepped up in December as the incredible team player she is and did an exceptional job as our accreditation specialist – incredibly organized and totally unflappable, she did a great job.” 

Preston Smith, Dean of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan (November 2, 2017 Blog)



“The Leadership 101 Mastermind group was a great experience and valuable investment of time and energy. Good content and engaged discussion with others helped crystalize the leadership concepts in new ways”