Closing the Commitment-Action Gap to Accelerate Advancement

Regard it like any other business priority.

According to the final report of the Canada-U.S. Council for Advancement of Women, “while leaders want more women in the higher ranks and are committed to the cause, they are not approaching the problem the way they would any other business priority.”

Until now.  Building on the framework developed and tested over five years with input from female leaders and Canadian organizations such as Hilti, Tennis Canada, and Dentons, MEDIA2MOBLIZE Women (M2MW) steps up to advance Canadian women sector-by-sector to close the gap between commitment and action.

M2MW is a formal sector-by-sector mobilization process with built-in impact indicators.

Where would we begin?

Our work begins with one bold champion organization who is committed to progress women in leadership roles in their industry and ready to move this commitment into action.

What does this mobilization process look like?

  1. Leadership Development Plan:  Alongside our sector champion, we define, design and develop a multi-year overarching plan with specific yearly targets and implementation strategies.
  1. Identify and secure support:  Acting as a catalyst on behalf of our sector champion, we work to engage and contract 3-4 additional same-sector, collaborative funding partners to ensure full project potential.
  2. Implementation development:  A comprehensive, measurable M2MW strategy is devised entailing tactical digital media initiatives, role modelling, a key messaging advocacy campaign, live and virtual events and purposed networking.
  3. Budget preparation:  We recommend aiming for 0.5 per cent of the sector champion and partners’ annual media budget be redirected to build sustainable support for M2MW activities.
  4. Mobilization:  The M2MW strategy is set into motion, action items executed on, measured and reported to partners semi-annually.
  5. Grow M2MW nationally and internationally:  Our goal is to engage and confirm 2-3 more sector champions annually and explore discussions with markets abroad.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

What does MEDIA2MOBILIZE look like in action?

Click here to view a sample outline.

"Thank you for your interest in MEDIA2MOBILIZE.

I believe we are on the cusp of igniting, recognizing and optimally catalyzing one of our country's greatest assets:  Women.

I know what works to create synergy between leadership priorities in a corporate setting and a women's internal call to actualize her potential and grow her influence in Canada. 

Your investment into your leaders will not only fully harness their talent and engagement but also build stronger brand value that will prove invaluable!"

Ready to move forward?

Charlene SanJenko, PowHERhouse Founder + CEO |  604.741.7985

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