Lori Norman | Investor Specialist

Lori Norman

Money Talk.  To me, money talk is simply a conversation about why we do what we do, what we want from our lives and for our families, the goals we have and how we are going to achieve them.  The more we talk about it, the direction we are moving towards often becomes clearer, and slowly we can build that imperfectly perfect road map to help us make informed decisions around our money.


Lori started her career in the investment industry in the early 90's in London, England.  She has 25 years of experience, primarily working for two large investment banks on their bond trading floor.  Having spent most of her career working with institutional investors, Lori decided to use her experience to help individual investors and became a partner in a boutique investment firm which she considers ‘the coolest investment firm in Canada’.

"Being fortunate enough to meet many people who are willing to share their life and money stories with me, I have come to realize that for most people talking about ‘money’ is one of the most challenging conversations they have.  In a room full of people, when the title of financial advisor is mentioned, most people go out of their way not to engage with ‘that financial person’.  They politely find a way to talk avoid the conversation or they will engage in small talk in the hopes of moving on to another topic or just run away fast, really fast!  I get it.  I do.  For many of us, talking about money is too personal and too private."

"The thing is, when I ask people about themselves, their lives and what is important to them often the conversations are open, engaging and optimistic.  Topics vary from weekend plans, to their kids, work, projects, trips, vacations, music, shoes (always shoes).  And most of us offer up lots of information and are happy to talk about ourselves and our lives.  BUT… when I ask people about their investments, their savings, and plans for the future – the wall (Game of Thrones size wall) comes up fast.  For some of us, it brings up too many emotions (good & bad), insecurities, fears, memories – and it isn’t easy to share even with the people you most trust.  But I think if we can talk about our lives, we can talk about money.  We can have those conversations because they are usually not as hard as most people think."

"For me, the fun starts here:  Simplifying the industry jargon, cutting through the noise, the math, the intimidation of our industry – working alongside individuals to help them make decisions on their investments.  Decisions that THEY have made (not been told to do or heard about on the news), that they understand, that they trust – to me that is empowering, liberating, and incredibly PowHERful."

Lori's unique differentiators are:

  • The firm she works with and is a partner in is trying to change the landscape for the individual investor – bringing an honestly, transparency and candor that is unusual in the industry.
  • Believes that the financial industry can be about the client first!  That the advice being given is in the best interest of the client, not in the best interest of the person giving it
  • Making the complex investment stuff simple, understandable and even ‘exciting’.
  • Offers safe space to have conversations about money – especially for women.  Passionate advocate for Women in Finance and Capital Markets.
  • Experienced and open and likes to laugh, a lot!


“The people here are amazing.  They are easy to work with, they really care, and they actually encourage you to ask questions.”



“I’ve brought a lot of my friends here.  I wouldn’t do that if I wasn’t genuinely excited.”

"I want something straightforward.  And to have faith my money has really been put to work.”

“I can’t think of anyone I would trust more with my money.”

have faith my money has really been put to work.”

“You can’t find active management with this level of service at such a low fee anywhere else.”