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Liza Rogers is a community builder and entrepreneur completely and passionately in love with her West Coast home in the beautiful community of Victoria, B.C.  We recently had an opportunity to sit down with Liza and learn more about this local leader and the impact she's looking to make.

Liza RogersShe yearns to help build strong communities where women, mothers, young couples, and retirees can live, work, and play in communities they also love, where purchasing a home is not a fleeting dream for many, where friendly and sustainable neighbourhoods are the norm - and not just for a certain income bracket.

With a background in tourism and events, Liza was a single woman living a lifestyle of overseas employment contracts that left her in a challenging position when looking for a home. She realized that in order to get herself into the real estate market, she would need to get creative and innovative.  And so began a learning quest about investing, revenue generation through property ownership, multiple income streams, Airbnb, and much more.  Liza was hooked and since that time has thrown herself into helping others find their own creative ways to learn, explore, act and prosper from home ownership, real estate investments, and related markets.

In the past 18 months, this PowHERhouse produced the inaugural Victoria Real Estate Expo (and is now preparing for the second one on March 3rd), accepted a contract at the new oceanside community of Spirit Bay, and headed into the second year leading the Women’s Real Estate Network (WREN) where she works with experts to help women buy and prosper from income-generating properties.  Her abundance of energy is derived from working with people.  Every project she takes on involves building community and ensuring commitment to the three pillars of sustainability.

Describe your Mission.  What’s it all about for you?

My mission is to create extraordinary experiences for people on my path, build vibrant communities, and genuinely connect with everyone who comes into my circle.

What is your ultimate dream for your role/business/mission and where you’d like to take it?

My ultimate EPIC dream is to have groups of women owning property around the world!

We use these properties for retreats, income generation, learning opportunities and more. We actually build mini communities of people who are passionate about living in the modern world in the way of an old fashioned village.  Through the vehicle of WREN (Women's Real Estate Network), our mission is to empower and educate women to own and profit from income-generating properties locally and globally, with a commitment to sustainability and community integrity.

Describe what success looks like – complete fruition.

My 'Success End Game' is:

  • Hiring a CEO for the business
  • Helping my mom to retire with financial security and comfort
  • Taking 2 weeks off 3 times a year
  • Scaling the business in order to free me up for speaking, training, traveling opportunities
  • Educating and inspiring women around the world
  • Financial independence for me and the people on my path and in my circle
  • Paying back investors with full interest
  • Franchising or growing the business for others to use
  • A legacy of buildings, homes, partnerships that create the success stories that inspire the next group of women
  • Balance in my personal, business, health and spiritual life
  • Online education programs
  • A book (or two).  A TV show of some kind

Describe your success strategy in one sentence.

I believe that if we can dream it, together we can create it, build it and deliver it… whatever IT may be.

Biggest highlight of your career/journey thus far?

In this field, producing the 2017 Expo, in my other careers… My role as Senior Volunteer Coordinator at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

One thing that you feel has been most pivotal or useful thus far in your career/journey?

Sheer determination, resilience, and grit.

How would you describe what brings you the greatest joy in your current role?

Hearing women talk about their dreams and how they’re inspired to become part of our community and invest in themselves and each other.

What would you like women to most understand or consider – on a higher level – with regards to your role and your mission?

If I can do it, anyone can.  I’m glad I don’t have to do it alone.  I firmly believe in ASKING for what you want in life, and practising this skill with people I trust is crucial for success.

Best advice you ever received

  • “Burn your boat” and “Never give up” are favourites.
  • “Whatever you decide to do in your career, make sure that it includes public speaking.  You’re a natural!” my college professor.

What would be your top three tips for women regarding walking their talk and courageously approaching what is most important to them?

  1. Own it! Be Bold, Be brave and ASK for what you want.  It’s your dream or goal or mission, and the more you focus on it and own it the more likely you are to succeed.  [I’ve developed a bit of a 'Fu#k You' attitude towards people who offer criticism but haven't actually taken a business risk or tried to be an entrepreneur.]
  2. There is abundance in the world, and your people - your women, your tribe will gravitate towards you. Be true to yourself, they’ll find you.
  3. Competition is opportunity not a threat. Collaboration with so-called competitors is a beautiful thing.  Everyone wins when we find those who are meant to be on our team.

How do you balance between being an impactful community leader, a busy professional, volunteer and so much more without dodging your own self-care?

I'm still learning ways to find balance, and it's my New Year's goal to improve in this area.  I've taken on a lot at one time in the past, and this is the year that I allow myself to catch up!

You must have some pretty long days.  How do you keep your energy up and your focus consistent?  How you stay PowHERful and on the top of your game?

I have to succeed.  I simply have so much riding on this.

Failure is not an option so one way or another, we get shit done.  I fail.  I fall down.  I get back up.  I ask for help.  I build a team.  They cover me, lift me up, and inspire me.  We cry.  We laugh.  And then, we get back to it. 

I’m a single woman with no one who is going to look after me.  To have the life of travel and fun that I want for myself as well as my mother and those in my circle, I must to generate energy and create focus.  I read, I meditate and I actually sleep (a lot). 

What would you say your Top 3 Excellence Habits are (ie. habits that ensure your success).

  • Practicing gratitude – 3 things daily and once a month about 5 pages.
  • Taking a mental break for a couple of hours and just shutting my brain off, time with friends, a good action movie (with nothing to think about), a walk, a really good meal.
  • Delegating, oh this is my favourite thing to do as it releases me from the burden of trying to do things that I’m lousy at doing.  The more I delegate, the more success I have.

Describe your Top 3 Time Management Tips as they relate to your Mission.

  • Write out your plan for the day:
  • What are the three things that you must accomplish? Do those first.
  • What can you delegate? The first chore that I got rid of was housekeeping. I have a lovely woman who comes in twice a week and cleans, does laundry, grocery shopping, some gardening even a bit of administration. She’s worth every penny, and I would never want to take on those tasks full time again.

Describe collaboration and what that looks like/feels like on the ground – how does it show up in your life?

I’m a born collaborator.  I love to work in teams.  I actually get way more done when someone is sitting within my vicinity working.  I don’t see competition - just more people to create win-win-win scenarios.

Describe a favourite hobby or adventure.

Doing Anything in a warm ocean – swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, boating, floating.

Favourite energy meal or snack (healthy).

Eggs! I could live on eggs.  I’m going to try to eat less of them in the New Year, but my body seems to love eggs.   I get lots of energy and feel satisfied for a good period of time.

Do you have a morning ritual or primer that you use daily to set your state positively and powHERfully?  We’d love to hear about it!

I often listen to Esther Hicks or Earl Nightingale in the morning.   I find their messages that focus on feeling good, having the right attitude and envisioning the future really inspire and ground me.  As soon as I wake up and before I’ve had a chance to ‘dwell’ on the day ahead, I get my mind in the right frame and check my attitude and inspiration for the day.  I mentally prepare for the clarity and the contrast that is going to teach me something on this day.

Favourite indulgence or treat.

Chocolate – rich, decadent.

Massage, full body from scalp to toe!

Top 3 things on your Bucket List.

I’m so lucky that I’ve done the really big ones!

  • Current – Travel the Croatian coastline on a catamaran.
  • Do a bike and barge trip with friends in Europe.
  • Take my mom to Bermuda for her bucket list.

What does giving back (fulfillment) look like to you?

Ideally, I’d love to have a foundation that helps women overcome obstacles like loneliness, depression, angst.  I want it to look much more like a holistic retreat that encourages wellness from tip to toe, mind and body.  I think sponsoring women who would benefit from time in a place like this would be my dream.  I know how much I would benefit from this so I know others would too.  I feel like currently, I give back by being a super-positive, no-bullshit supporter of those who need it.  I offer time, coaching, experiences, conversations, my home, connections, introductions and much more!

I never leave home without my…….. camera.  I love photography!

What are the apps or online tools you most use?

I’m slow to catch up to online stuff.  I still write!  Likely Slack and Basecamp.

If you could display a 1-line message in Times Square that would be televised to women around the world, what would it say?

Be brave, be bold and never settle for less than you deserve... and you deserve EVERYTHING!

Your thoughts on mentoring young women?  What do you feel your most valuable lessons to pass on are?

Listen to your own intuition and find someone who can help guide you towards your dreams.  Don’t fall into the trap of higher education.  Develop a can-do, will-do attitude and learn to light up every room and every person in your vicinity.  Don’t play small, play massively with enthusiasm.  Fail often and learn like a sponge. Treat everyone with respect until they actually do something to make you take it away.  Don’t try to do it alone - and even worse - don’t get stuck with the wrong people.  You are the creator of your own destiny.  Forgive.  Travel.  Never judge, you don't have the right to.

Where do we go from here in terms of supporting and inspiring women to step-up and continue moving forward with their missions… regardless of how hard it may feel at times.  #confidence  #courage  #connections #capital

We keep gathering together, listening to each other without judgement, holding ourselves and each other accountable.  Not tolerating gossip, not blaming but owning our circumstances and creating the ones we want.

I recently left a job that had the potential to earn me an excellent income but the culture of the organization was poor, and I just opted out.

Encourage vulnerability and the attitude that it’s okay to ask for help.  It’s way too hard to do everything on your own anyway!


  1. Dana Caple on February 3, 2018 at 11:41 am

    Thank you, Liza, for stepping up and being a leader! I thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue on Women Built2Scale’ program, and plan on following what you do. I’m all about community building/leadership for families. Keep up the good work!

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