Liza Rogers | Firecracker & Founder of WREN – the Women’s Real Estate Network

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WREN Encourages, Educates and Empowers Women to FUN’d their lives using Real Estate Investment.


I am passionate about connecting in our community and have a mission to create extraordinary experiences for people and organizations in my circle.

Liza Rogers is on a mission to educate women about investing in income properties, locally, nationally and globally.

She is enthusiastic about women and business here on the West Coast and is now working with partners on the East Coast in order to bring women across Canada together.

Since relocating to Victoria less than four years ago, she has worked on exciting start-ups such as Fish Eye Project and the Robert Bateman Centre, produced two successful Victoria Real Estate Expos, bought a joint venture property with two young women to show that it CAN BE DONE and headed into Year 2 with WREN.

She excels at sales and marketing, public speaking, training and managing in ever-changing environments. Her abundance of energy is derived from working with people. Indeed, her best work is done under pressure with a smile on her face.

Liza is on a mission is to create extraordinary experiences for people on her path. In 2018, she is taking it to another level. Every project she takes on involves building community and ensuring commitment to the three pillars of sustainability. She is now getting ready to develop a rental building with WREN investors and has plans to purchase mobile home parks in the US to diversify her portfolio into two currencies.


Liza's unique differentiators are:
  • FEARLESS ACTION – I am a creative, big picture thinker, an action-taker who is fearless when it comes to expanding opportunities. My passion and commitment instantly engage and ignite others.
  • PROACTIVE DISRUPTOR –Through the expertise and experience of my power team, women will learn to build wealth and earn passive income through real estate. We are here to have fun while educating women who are thinking of getting into real estate investing.
  • EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES - With a background in and passion for tourism, hospitality, events and community, my mission is to create extraordinary experiences for people on my path.
  • DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT - WREN offers a safe, fun and relaxed environment for like-minded women to be educated, empowered and encouraged to invest in real estate with the goal of achieving financial freedom and independence.


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WREN helps women to feel empowered and educates them about the lifestyle, freedom and profit from real estate investing locally and globally. We invest together with a commitment to sustainability, community, and integrity.
The ultimate dream is to have groups of women owning property around the world. We use these properties for retreats, income generation, learning opportunities and more. We actually build mini-communities of people who are passionate about living in the modern world in the way of an old-fashioned village with a focus.
To the wonderful women and those great men who are supporting us!
Please join our group and find yourself excited, empowered and elevated.
I guarantee that you will learn something new every time we meet.
You have nothing to lose and only friendship, opportunity, wisdom and wealth to gain!


Liza brings out the best in me. She is a rocket ship and there is no letting go once you are on! She is a coach, mentor and cheerleader. And there's almost always wine!” – Mia F.

“Liza and the WREN group are a tremendous resource that makes learning, networking and investing not only fun, but creates a safe environment for new women and supports those already embarked on the journey.” -- Lori B.

Anytime I work with Liza I leave feeling charged up! Her ability to inspire the best in you and deliver value to the community is addicting. I feel part something so much bigger and the people who are attracted to the projects are equally outstanding, it's a testament to reaping what you sow. I am so grateful for all the opportunities and people that come my way in being part of her amazing team.” – Mia F.

“Liza, I want to let you know how grateful I am for the work you've been doing in our community. Since meeting you in 2016, I’ve been happy to support your events, which are full of education, information, opportunities and chances to network and meet like-minded people. The payback has been great in both the connections I’ve made and deepened, resulting in business as well. It has been a pleasure to work with you and the people I've met through you as they invest with confidence and are more savvy decision makers after being educated.” -- Cheri C.