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Linda Allen-Hardisty

Chair, The Executive Committee (TEC) Canada, and previously was Interim CEO, Horizon West Infrastructure Fund Inc.

Linda Allen-Hardisty is an optimistic senior leader who integrates people and perspectives to create progressive relationships that responsibly provide regrowth and optimism for future generations.


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver, The Summer Day



Linda Allen-Hardisty was named the The Executive Committee (TEC) Canada’s recipient of the Red Shoe Award.

She was recognized for her success in chairing group meetings and coaching CEOs in an innovative, creative way that promotes the TEC Canada brand in the local market.


Like a tennis pro hungry for a grand slam, leaders are ambitious, and at times, question their own self-regard.

Wimbledon offered us three timely leadership lessons...



Known to leaders as someone to access for “the tools you need to succeed”, Linda founded Allen-Hardisty Consulting and Coaching ten years ago.

"I coach my clients to proactively grow. I believe that they can step up and into their own development when they partner with me in a coaching relationship.”

Linda Allen-Hardisty has built a reputation as a vibrant, contemporary voice in the business world by blending her grounding in the field of organizational effectiveness with a practical approach to solving problems based on professional, real-world experience. Over a 15-year career, she is an experienced leader and works with leaders - from corporate executives to entrepreneurs - to improve their success.

With an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Regina and a certificate in Organizational Development from Queens IRC, Linda helps organizations achieve by enhancing the effectiveness of their leaders and teams.

Her industry experience includes: Oil & gas, IT, utilities, post-secondary, tourism, ICT, financial services, municipal government, creative industries, and SMB. She is a chair at The Executive Committee (TEC) Canada, a certified leadership and executive coach, and was Interim CEO of Horizon West Infrastructure Fund. Linda is also a Queens University IRC workshop facilitator and a contributing member of Forbes Coaches Council.

Prior to private practice, Linda’s corporate leadership experience included the role of Director of Organizational Development in a company listed on the Hewitt Top 50 Employers in Canada, and becoming the first Manager of Strategy and Performance for a municipal government undertaking cultural transformation.

Linda volunteers on the Board of Directors for the Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan and enjoys contributing to the strength and stability of the arts across her province.

Linda's Leadership Pillars


In 2019 and onward, Linda’s aspirations are dual-focus: 

  • To grow, endorse and challenge more CEO's in her The Executive Committee (TEC) Canada groups and the leaders she coaches;
  • Also, Linda wants to lead more companies through their initial phase of re-imagining.

In the long run, Linda’s end game is to influence a positive world for her nieces, nephew and all of the kids in her life - they are watching!


Linda brings so much to the table!!
Linda is exceptional at bringing out the most honest and challenging conversations to help drive self-awareness and alignment among leaders. 
She has a unique passion for helping others realize their potential, and has mastered the art of balancing empathy with candour.  
Linda is a role model in the business community, and has proved to be a trustworthy partner.  
Kathy McCrum
Vice President Human Resources & Safety

Linda is a powerful leader with the utmost passion for coaching and development. Her integrity and consistent desire for excellence have driven her to instill trust and respect in her community.

She is one of TEC Canada’s Red Shoe Award recipients, which is presented to a Chair who steps outside the box, is bold, innovative, creative and pushes the boundaries.

Linda’s resolute leadership skills and strategic focus effectively shape her members’ futures. She inspires others through her engagement and dedicated performance.

I am very honoured to have Linda as a TEC Canada Chair in our TEC community and am proud to call her a colleague.

Todd Millar

President & CEO

TEC Canada

As leaders we are often faced with tough decisions that impact the people we work with, through Linda’s change management coaching, we found a business and emotional balance that helped us navigate those challenges. 
If you are open to grow yourself and want to improve your team performance and your impact on others, Linda is a coach that can unlock that potential in all of us.

Gil Le Dressay

Vice President

As a wealth practice focused on the business community in Saskatchewan, I am very pleased to refer Linda as an expert resource for my clients.   

She provides tremendous impact on the development of CEO’s as they build their own skills, networks and capacities.  As an accomplished business owner herself, she shares her insights and challenges clients to take charge of the growth of their businesses.

Jill Clarke

Senior Wealth Advisor, Associate Director                                

Scotia Wealth Management™

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