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Wendy Weir, Libre Tea founder, is an eco-conscious entrepreneur whose passion for loose-leaf tea inspired her to create a product that’s rapidly engaging devoted customers across North America.

Tea isn’t just Wendy’s business.  It’s a way of living.  A state of mind.  A way to make the world a healthier place, for our own personal wellness and the planet’s.

Meet PowHERhouse Wendy Weir of Libre Tea.


Describe your Mission.

My mission is to inspire peaceful tea moments – a moment to connect and reflect in our busy days.  I believe that we are all going at such a pace that we are often disconnected from our true self.  This disconnection from our self, and reflexively others and our world, is the root cause of social and environmental violence.  I believe more tea moments more often will change the world.


What is your ultimate dream for your business/Mission and where you’d like to take it.

I’d love that the mainstream of society understand and take care to have their own tea moments and become more mindful and compassionate towards themselves and others.  Libre tea glasses are loved by yogis and many spiritual seekers who appreciate how nurturing it is to be and stay connected with our center and source – and I’m hopeful that so many more will experience inner peace through daily tea moments.  It is inner peace that reflects as outer peace – and that is what will change our world.

Describe what success looks like – complete fruition.

The ‘long road’ of success is never complete and yet is complete in each moment – success for me is to live in the present, with every NOW and honour and develop my own gifts to share.

Describe your success strategy in one sentence.

Cultivating my love and light is my success strategy.  Through care and development of my spirit and physical presence, I am successful.


Biggest highlight in your career so far?

Since starting Libre 7 years ago, I find it hard to pick one highlight.  The road has been a marvellous adventure from travels in China, to yoga shows, to improving my business and working with my team, not to mention all the amazing people I’ve had the opportunity to meet.  And my ego would say it was when we were criticized earlier this year for having an ‘inconsistent global brand’ due to lack of availability of all products in all of our markets – Canada, USA, UK and Australia.  To be seen as having a global brand is most amazing to me!


One thing that you feel has been most pivotal or useful thus far in your career?

To be conscious of my thoughts and know I can choose and change them at will.


How would you describe what brings you the greatest joy in your current position Founder & CEO of Libre Tea?

To be directly impacting people’s daily experience through tea moments and healthy teas.


Best advice you ever received.

Actually, best lesson I ever learned:

I am not my business nor my possessions nor my bank balance – I am much more than that, and the ups and downs of all those externalities are to be observed and ridden as waves upon the sea.


How do you balance between being a busy social entrepreneur, a wife and step-mother without dodging your own personal growth and self-care?

My most effective strategy is to be aware and conscious and choose wisely to ensure my well is topped up – ‘always put on your own oxygen mask first’ as they say.


You must have some pretty long days.  How do you keep your energy up and your focus consistent?  How you stay PowHERful and on the top of your game?

To stay on ‘top of my game’ I try to take lots of small breaks – a brief walk, a sun salutation, a call to a friend and most notably the more consistent my meditation practice is, the better is my focus and emotional balance.  This provides the best foundation I’ve experienced to work from.


You talk a lot about ‘tea moments’.  Can you tell us a little bit more about them and where they came from?

Tea moments come from a Chinese bus driver – I was in Shanghai, at the front of a noisy and crowded bus, quite anxious about where I was going and when to get off.  The bus driver, as he slowed for a red light and came to a stop, retreated to his own world.  Picking up a big jar with tea leaves that he kept hidden at his side, he then had a big sip and a quiet ‘moment’ – a time out of time.  I saw this in amazement and thought ‘the world could use more of that’ – moments of quiet and serene and self connection and nurturing.  I was so inspired that he could do this in the midst of such an energetically chaotic situation.  Tea moments became my mantra.  As time has gone on I understand more and more why this is so important and I am more committed than ever to sharing and inspiring tea moments.  Libre (our brand) – is the French and Spanish verb ‘to be free’ – free to have a tea moment anywhere, anytime and on a whole other level., we are always free inside to choose our experience one moment at a time.


Describe your Top 3 Time Management Tips as they relate to your Mission.

Have clear direction, reflect often and be conscious of my activities.  Understand if they are contributing to my objectives whether for the day, the month or the year.  Of course, daily time management is crucial with time blocking and truly taking responsibility for my time and activity choices.


Describe collaboration and what the looks like/feels like on the ground – how does it show up in your life?

I love collaboration and am always on the look out for how I can add value, and I’m very conscious of values alignment with potential partners.  A positive, ‘coming from love not fear’ is a super place to start from, and l have earned a lot about my old patterns for relationship through personal and business collaborations.


Describe a favourite hobby or adventure.

Wendy Weir | Libre Tea Moments |PowHERhouseOn my first trip to China, I went for 21 days with few plans.  It was a grand adventure exploring gardens and temples. I relied often upon the kindness of strangers and synchronicity of events and a good guide book.  I got to visit a museum housing the tomb contents of an empress I’d studied in my ‘mature student’ UBC China studies.  She was the behind-the-scenes controller of the national government and advised the Emperor with Taoist philosophy to govern.  My earlier corporate career had left me with many questions around trust and leadership, and this philosophy brought it all together for me.  I’m sure I was a Taoist hermit in a past life, and when in China, I visited many temples where I felt so moved and full of love and light.


Favourite energy meal or snack (healthy).

Hemp anything – often at trade shows hemp protein shakes are my ‘in-booth’ go to – turns out the Libre tea glasses also make great shakers – so just add water and protein powder and shake for a healthy snack to last a few more hours.

Favourite indulgence or treat.


The last time I felt complete exhilaration or joy was …

This morning when I got up on my boat after sleeping over in a marine park.


Currently on your nightstand …

‘BOLD, How to create wealth and impact the world’, ‘You were not born to suffer’, and my journal.

Fave app.

Hotwire and Hotel Tonight – great deals for last minute travel requirements.


What does giving back (fulfillment) look like to you?

For me it is being mindful of social and environmental responsibility with all of my actions.  I’ve also volunteered with several organizations and am so pleased to offer Libre tea glasses to support causes that benefit women, water and wellness.  I hope that I can mentor women in business in the future and am excited about new local initiatives of this sort.

I never leave home without my…

Libre tea glass

It’s a wrap.

I am grateful for this opportunity to proselytize tea moments and develop this business with all of its ups and downs – and now in the background is playing ‘Gotta have faith’ and that is truly the bottom line – there is something that is so much bigger than me, and for that I am grateful.


Your thoughts on mentoring young women?  What do you feel your most valuable lessons to pass on are?

There are so many, and believing in yourself and your dreams is the biggest – as an adjunct to that.  ‘You can fail at something you don’t want to do so why not give your best dreams a go’ – from Jim Carey in his Majarishi university convocation speech.


Where do we go from here in terms of supporting and inspiring women to step-up and continue moving forward with their missions… regardless of how hard it may feel at times.  #confidence  #courage  #connections

I think there are many helpful organizations out there, and that women need to reach out.  I do want to give a mention to WBE– a certification for Canadian women-owned businesses.  It is a great community, and provides super selling opportunities for national accounts that have purchasing folks devoted to finding diverse suppliers. They are affiliated with WBENC in the USA whose national conference and reverse trade show every June is an amazing business and personal growth experience.

I think the age of the feminine is here, and I would encourage women to be aware of utilizing feminine modes of business – collaboration, we vs me, openness to receive, patience, creativity, joy, care for self and more, and to know that a foundation of love will serve all well.

Beyond that – ‘Know your numbers!’ – get practical and ensure your financials are cultivated and cared for always!

Always make time for tea moments.


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