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Leah Goard | PowHERful Permission

Permission to keep playing while you move from free flow to focus this fall.

permissionimgaPowHERhouseI love lots of things about summer … the warmth, playing outside, more time with friends, moments at the beach with my kid, the fruit from my wild yard (for which I can’t take any credit), late dinners, early walks.

However, what I have come to recognize is that what I love most about summer has nothing at all to do with summer, and everything to do with the unspoken permission that we collectively give ourselves to play more, work less and pay attention to what matters most. 

What would happen if, as summer winds down and shifts into fall, as you move from free flow to focus, you carried that permission to keep living wholeheartedly for the rest of the year? What if it really is about the journey?

So, here are five simple, powerful suggestions for moving from free flow to focus, to ensure that you hold open sacred space in your world that will keep you dancing in the sunshine.

Pull out a piece of paper right now and jot down the answers to the questions included.

1.    Identify the experience you want to have – how do you want to feel this fall? Healthy, vibrant, creative, empowered, centered, connected?


Write down how you want to feel this fall.

2.    Next, get very specific about the activities that support you to feel the way you want to feel.

Want to feel creative? What does that look like for you?
Want to feel connected? Who do you want to connect with, and how do you want to connect?
Want to feel empowered? What activities help you feel empowered in your body and soul?


Beside each word (feeling), write down an action that will support you to experience that emotion.

3.    Give yourself permission to flip your priorities.
The truth is that when we don’t have time for something, then it is simply not a priority. Imagine what would happen to your life and experiences if you made feeling amazing your number one priority and gave yourself permission to play.


Write down and complete this sentence: “I give myself permission to make feeling (write your desired feelings here) my number one priority this fall.”

4.    Clear your path.

As a single mom and owner of a thriving business, I deeply understand how full life can be.  Sometimes it can feel like you’re squeezing time like it’s a lemon … trying for that last drop.  This is why, when you are ready to create sacred space in your life to dance more, you will have to let go and say no.


List the things that immediately come to mind that you are willing to let go of, say no to, or stop doing this fall.

5.    Commit.

The most effective way to hold the space that you have created is to consistently commit first to specific, non-negotiable times in your day and week for those activities that nourish You.


Write the times and activities that you are willing to commit to this fall.  Then block out these times in your calendar.  If you are unsure of what you want to actually do during those times – don’t worry about it.  Hold the non-negotiable space now and when it arrives, you can explore a little deeper.

This fall, I’m carving out more sacred space for date nights with friends, getting back on the dance floor, time on my mat, running in the rain and just being still.

Here’s to you feeling amazing this fall!

Leah Goard is a Business + Lifestyle Strategist.  Learn more about Leah here.

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