INVITATION: The Leader Path, a collective convergence of  cross-constellation change-making

Join brave humans with fiery commitment, deeply rooted remembrance, and energized action-taking in a Conscious Leader Training Circuit; a gym for conscious leaders to up-level how they live, love, and lead.

Honouring those who have come before us, planting seeds of hope and possibility for those who will come after us. We are gathering the wisdom of generations and walk this path together. Born to belong AND lead. Walking in and towards the world we want for HER - Human Expansion Realized.

Say YES to a strategic journey with like-minded leaders:

  • Co-create with intentional practices designed for open-hearted consistency, deep listening, truth-speaking;

  • Reveal and refine your highest path of change-making in a safe space, walking bravely beside others;

  • Up-level purposefully in all dimensions for purposeful performance, whole leadership, sustainability, and clarity;

  • Stretch, expand, commit, and recommit to bringing your vision for life into real-time.

All while having hands at your back as you walk The Leader Path.

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The Leader Path is a recurring and evolving Conscious Leader Training Circuit for Local-to-Global Impacters. Think of it like ‘going to the conscious leadership gym’ to get fit, stay strong, remain focused, and prepared for the next complexity you are called to contribute to by leveling up.

A monthly Conscious Leader focus

Monthly love-first visioning and accountability sessions and

Group clarity conversations with members of The Braid to

  • Practice pitching

  • Engage in deep listening

  • Implement creative cross-constellation change-making

  • Build out your 12-Month Greatness Grid

  • Explore and activate impact deals

  • Clearly ask to co-create the lived experience you want to enjoy!

We believe that every leader deserves the opportunity to make a world-class impact.

At PowHERhouse, our role is to fire up a leader's potential beyond what looks possible and support the human behind the leader to  fly-wheel their vision to action.

The Leader Path includes your virtual seat at the April 2022 FireCircle and an annual Spring whole-leader health + wellness reset each May. Our rhythm and flow with a deliberate and progressive approach provides an intentional framework as we 'train' for the 2025 Leader Olympics and walk together towards the world we want by 2030.

Charlene (1)

Charlene SanJenko

Tina Overbury

Tina Overbury

The Leader Path Masterclass - 4 Steps
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Christina Benty


Sharon Marshall

Amanda Rae S

Amanda Rae Storteboom

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Ticia Heward

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Hillary Samson

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Kelly Beattie

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Tanis Frame


Kari Klein

Carolyn Nesbitt

Carolyn Nesbitt

Kathryn Thomson

Kathryn Thomson


Gail Stepanik-Keber


The Leader Path is a recurring circuit of three phases over nine months with space to inhale and expand in between. Each year also includes one FireCircle gathering, a 30-day whole leader health + wellness reset, and two optional retreats at an additional cost for expression, reflection, and community-building.

Two ongoing monthly group sessions: 

A consistency and accountability roundtable; and,

A pitch or practice preparation session.

Articulate Possibility

For the past 10+ years, there has been a concentrated effort in the leadership space, a decade-long training camp. Like athletes, women and those who identify as women have been preparing, mentoring, receiving coaching, undergoing rigorous confidence and capacity-building programs, and building valuable connections. And now, game day is upon us. We are being called higher. The Leader Olympics are here!

Activate Potential

PowHERhouse is a convener, catalyst, and conduit for impact. Born in 2000 from a desire to provide a clear and direct framework for a better world and a house of support to ensure that those ready to meet their ultimate potential for impact and lead deeply fulfilling lives can do so on their own terms while interconnected with others on a similar path. New concepts grounded in ancient wisdom to encourage expansion.

Amplify Impact

Together, we weave the transformative annual experience of The Leader Path with the power of interactive digital media production to follow, track, and model the Story of Us, Indigenous and non-Indigenous impact champions, who are shifting society's narrative while continuously living and leading into a fuller expression of all of who we are to create the world we want by 2030. A nine-year documentary is in the works!

At this time, PowHERhouse is looking to speak with Impact Media Partners.

We partner with progressive, well-aligned North American foundations, organizations, and brands who wish to model better use of advertising dollars by contributing to our bursary programs which allow us to co-create digital amplification campaigns and ensure our programming experiences are highly inclusive and accessible to all who are ready to embark on it. You can learn more about our innovative Impact Media Production Partnerships here.

Contact to discuss.

PowHERhouse proudly acknowledges the support of these progressive partners and welcomes well-aligned future collaborators