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We cannot control the ocean, but we can respond to waves.

We have a choice in life.

My uncle, recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, reminded me of this fact.

Completely grateful for our time together and yet at a loss for words.

My son accompanied me. It was an experience that I’ll never forget.

Life is fragile, life is finite.

We get to choose how we live our lives.

Attitude is everything, and so is process on whatever path we choose.

with son by fountain

When we returned home to Regina, Saskatchewan my mother and sister were there to greet us as we got off the plane. My family is always there for me. I am so fortunate to have been raised by a compassionate, intelligent, understanding and hardworking woman. My mother has always instilled in me the importance of family.

To my surprise, Heather Salloum stood there beside my family. Heather was English teacher for four years at Balfour Collegiate.  She was also the Master of Ceremonies at my wedding. Miss Salloum has been a touchstone in my life. She was pivotal in inspiring me to have a vision for change; she emphasized my understanding that life has profound depth and that it is all about meaningful connections.

Miss Salloum congratulated me on the change in my vision in how I help people. After a short conversation, she winked at me (like she always has) and told me how proud of me she was.

What synchronicity!

I am so grateful for everyone who has supported me as I have announced my new location and vision to put families first by advocating for solutions.

  • I had endeavoured to pursue a career in mediation and collaborative law in 2013; however, I was drawn to advocate ferociously in a courtroom. I have since realized the devastating and lasting effects that the traditional system has on the family unit which is central to the psychological, emotional, social and economic well-being of adults and children living in all types of society and in all corners of the globe. I decided to launch KDK Legal Professional Corporation & Associates in order to help people in an innovative, interdisciplinary and integrative way.
  • The Government of Saskatchewan has realized the need for mandatory family dispute resolution. I have provided the Government of Saskatchewan with consultations in my capacity as an expert in Parent Coordination and as the President of the Board of Directors for the Collaborative Professionals of Saskatchewan Inc.
  • I was among the first group of lawyers in Saskatchewan who attended at advanced collaborative practice training in 2014 where I learned about the value of working in a multidisciplinary and dynamic team setting. In 2016, I attended at Parent Coordination training. I was the first Parent Coordinator recognized in the Province of Saskatchewan by the Minister of Justice. I seek to be an international leader in dispute resolution; I want to encourage professionals to pursue their passion and use therapeutic interventions.

Launching KDK Legal Professional Corporation & Associates | OutofCourtDivorce.com

I am committed to lead the first paperless family-focused law firm that takes a wholistic approach to family law, putting families and their needs at the forefront of every conversation.

This decision is a seismic shift away from the archaic and adversarial family law structure that too many residents of Canada have had to experience. I strongly believe that avoiding the stress, cost, time delay and risk of litigation is in the best interests of my clients, especially when children are involved. My clients are better served by controlling their own futures rather than empowering a judge to determine their future and the future of their children.

My Process for a Family-First Practice

I use a combination of comprehensive tools and technology to deliver a unique service to the residents of Saskatchewan with plans to expand nationally in 2020. I provide a range of services to meet families’ needs with a specific focus on those separating and wanting to do so with dignity.

My approach is based on clinical research and client feedback. How I work in my practice originated in 2006 while studying to pursue a Master degree in psychology and moving to Montreal, Quebec.

I was called to return to Saskatchewan because of my deep belief in family-first; family means the most.

We all have a choice. It is how we choose that affects our family both in this generation as well as future generations.

  • I am choosing a positive happy lifestyle that is balanced. I also want to facilitate this choice for the families I work with
  • As a mediator I strive for balanced negotiations
  • Mediation has taught me that there are three sides to a story – one side, the other side and the truth. The truth does not need to be discovered in a court room
  • It can be revealed by exploring people’s deepest hopes, needs, and concerns when they are dealing with legal issues or a complicated family crisis

It is during these times that we learn life's greatest lessons.

Families-first, always.

Kayla DeMars-Krentz professional mission is to lead the way forward with better solutions for Canadian families to successfully walk through conflict and dissolution without the devastating and lasting effects typically experienced in the traditional legal system. Learn more about Kayla here.

Learn more about the PowHERhouse AMPLIFY program for senior leaders here.

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