FireCircle 2021: One Family | Meet Kristin Walker

PowHERhouse Welcomes Social Investment Innovator, Global Legacy Champion, and U.S. Impact Correspondent, Kristin Walker 

PowHERhouse Impact Media Group is committed to consciously and deliberately walking towards the world we want by 2030 through the amplification, preparation, and activation of global leaders as they live and lead their highest purpose.

Kristin Walker is a transformational coach, change-maker, multidimensional thinker, and gifted social investment innovator with education and experience that spans numerous sectors.

Leading up to our April 15-17, 2021 FireCircle, One Family, which marks the third of twenty consecutive semi-annual gatherings over the next nine years, we are pleased to welcome Kristin to our core team. Kristin's energy, expertise, and lineage have prepared her for trajectory-changing impact in the areas of innovative philanthropy, the artistry of impact, and the re-imaginative and regenerative energetic activation of possibility.

Meet Kristin Walker

Kristin grew up the youngest of three children exploring the beaches of Western Washington and Canada. Kristin moved to the District of Columbia in 2019 where she began discovering her ancestry.

A deep mystery began to unfold revealing an interwoven journey throughout time with torches being passed between generations...

In modern Western culture, our family stories are not something that we are typically encouraged to explore. Yet they provide pieces from the past to a future that links us together as One Family. 

In May of 2012, Dale Bailey (Kristin’s father) had a catastrophic stroke, the effects of which would eventually lead to his death in the summer of 2019. As fate would have it, Dale completed his memoir Leaving Yourself Behind just before his stroke. Founder of Philanthropy International, and global changemaker ahead of his time, Dale pioneered innovative fundraising campaigns in many different areas. These campaigns helped build universities, buildings, funded programs and education, lessened the racial divide, endowed the arts, helped senior citizens, and empowered people to build lives for future generations. "In many ways, Dale Bailey helped build key parts of the Pacific Northwest," said one prominent CEO in Seattle. Dale knew humanity is most powerful when we work together through resiliency and strengths. Kristin is now stepping up to carry her Dad's global-giving torch forward.

"It's as if my ancestors left me clues for this time of upheaval. Dad was creating his final legacy for the next generations. In one of his last writings, he outlined a 'One Family' endeavor that joins corporations, governments, technology, and fundraising in a way for us to all work together for the global greater good."

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Tell us more about your dad, Dale Bailey, and his legacy. How does his legacy now weave throughout your work?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  ― Margaret Mead

When I was younger, my dad and I wrote and performed a musical together called, “A Father, A Daughter and the Music of Their Lives.” It was a magical experience, and to me, the curtain never closed on that show. While I felt the magic at the time, I never dreamed it would extend so far out into the future.

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"If my father, an avid boater and global philanthropist were alive in 2021, the sea captain in him would exclaim, 'ALL HANDS ON DECK!'" Tell us more about that.

An innovative philanthropist, my father pioneered an inter-relational approach to change-making by bringing organizations, artists, and governments together to build impactful change. He inspired collaboration to invest in human potential for education, space discovery, and health advancement.  One example was an innovative campaign called 'Now, Mr. Lincoln?' in the 1960s to address racial inequality.

Dad knew that just like sailing the waters of the Puget Sound,  navigating obstacles of social change takes a unified effort. It was no coincidence that he chose a sailboat as the symbol of his company logo, Philanthropy International. His own boat, The Imagine, captained 100’s of cruises carrying business leaders, artists, nonprofit leaders, friends, family, and various fundraisers on dynamic water adventures that mirrored the conversations happening aboard.

What did your father teach you about the seven generations behind us and the seven generations going forward?

In his book he wrote, “Kristin Walker recognized her Father’s dream to help others find the beauty of leaving lasting legacies of love…

One night I was going through his things and came across a 5-page project he was working on at the time of his stroke. Dad specifically outlined how we could all work together to come through these challenging times.

I had chills up and down my arms as I read further. He described a future where leaders from different sectors would come together to innovate and inspire others to explore what's possible. In his vision, this would be done through impact media, filmmaking, and innovative fundraising platforms. He very specifically had a list of names and organizations including the government, filmmakers, and corporations. Dad had written my name on the list.

As I read his vision, I felt a deep recognition. At that moment, Dad handed me the family torch. Now, I step forward into this legacy of collaboration, a series of 'coincidences' that have brought PowHERhouse into my life. I am so honored to work to help expand #OneFamily with the U.S. and beyond, walking with the generations before us for the generations of tomorrow.

What have you learned about creating sustainable impact from your father’s work, and where is it taking you now?

Back in the 1990s, my father invited me to join him for a weekend in Toppenish, Washington. He was working together with a group to build Heritage University. The school was created to help indigenous people receive a college education worthy of their abilities. During the weekend, Dad took me to the Yakima Cultural Museum. It was a profound moment for me when I realized how we can deeply impact each other’s lives for the greater good. Now the school is a sustainable and thriving epicenter of education and empowerment.

The most valuable lessons I learned from my Father are:

HEAL the past

FORGIVE and let go





What is innovative, collective philanthropy?

We have the ability to impact each other when we listen to our inner wisdom and share our unique talents and gifts. Each of us is a one-of-a-kind puzzle piece that, when working together, builds a beautiful world mosaic.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. says, “The process of creativity and genius are inherent in human consciousness. Inasmuch as every human has within himself the same essence of consciousness, genius is a potential that resides within everyone. It awaits only the right circumstances to express it.”

Indigenous wisdom calls this process an 'initiation'. If we gather across sectors to understand the cultural lessons of previous generations, we will all be able to move beyond right/wrong and victim/victimizer to create a balanced world.

We need to open up narratives that display expanding reality boxes. Our news is focused on the manmade economy involving the financial markets and external markers. However, there are other economies underfoot involving biology and nature that deeply impact our well-being.

Wherever you weigh in politically, culturally, or philosophically, we all share this planet. Collective philanthropy is not this OR that it's this AND that. This is activated by conscious individuals and organizations weaving together toward a greater good. 

I am honored to accept my family’s torch and add it to yours. I’m curious about who you are, and what you’re up to. Hand in hand, together as changemakers, we can imagine and create a new world. #OneFamily

Connect with Kristin through her website.

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"PowHERhouse is thrilled to be working more closely with Kristin as we walk into a reimagined future. The path her father started points towards innovative philantrophy and reconciliation-in-action. As we explore relationships with 'Artists of Impact', we look forward to learning where the intersection lies between artistry, creativity, and innovation for impact. We will only reach our potential through conscious powerful and deliberate partnerships, and we can't wait for this one to fully take flight!"

~ Charlene SanJenko, Impact Media Producer 


PowHERhouse looks forward to welcoming visual Artists of Impact to our Friday morning session of the FireCircle. These artists will be creating in real-time their experience of the morning. Gratitude to Kristin for her role in helping this interactive concept come to life.

Kristin will be participating in our April 15-17, 2021 FireCircle gathering. Please be sure to introduce yourself, say hello, and connect. She'd love to meet you (virtually) and looks forward to gathering in-person again in the future.

My father believed that we cannot solve current problems with past solutions. Each human deserves to fully heal their current life pain and that of the previous generations. We all need to walk together toward 2030.

Please join me at PowHERhouse as we join together to rebalance the world toward a better future. I’m also here to help people ready for this next step toward a world of more abundance, healing, and joy. 

Join us at the FireCircle:  Lead, Beyond Belief: ONE FAMILY

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