November 23 PowHERhour Reception | Announcing Executive Private Chef Shirley Lang of Kitchens of Distinction Culinary Arts Ltd.

We are pleased to welcome multi award-winning Vancouver Island Executive Private Chef Shirley Lang of Kitchens of Distinction Culinary Arts Ltd. to play a key role in our November 23rd PowHERhour Cocktail Reception, Find Your Voice. Find Your Edge. Your Female Edge. 

Shirley creates cuisine to serenade the senses and flavour the conversations at your table by blending unexpected flavours and spices to create globally inspired food made with loving intention.

From stylist and image consultant to the stars, then to Executive Chef, Shirley Lang has always drawn her inspiration from her clients.  While in Toronto, her studio was in the celebrated Much Music building where she worked with such celebrities as Corey Hart, Marianne Faithfull, The Nylons, Colin James, Annie Lennox, Leona Boyd, Petula Clark, Neil Gaiman, Kim Coates, and Robert Ito to name only a few.

Chef Shirley began her journey learning from her mother and grandmother, cooking rustic comfort food using meat and poultry they raised on their farm with the freshest and finest ingredients and produce they planted, nurtured, and harvested.  Inspired by the world fusion cuisine that was within steps of her studio, Shirley added her own unique twist to traditional recipes taught to her by Moroccan, Spanish, Middle Eastern, East Indian and Persian chefs she knew, serving these unique Global dishes to her elite dinner guests.

Kitchens of Distinction Culinary Arts Ltd. is committed to using local Vancouver Island fresh organic produce; free range meat and poultry without hormones or antibiotics; and sustainable wild seafood to create unique Global dishes.  Influenced by her Cree heritage, Chef Shirley believes in using fresh sourced, foraged, and wild local ingredients.  Some of these ingredients have been used to create Chef Shirley’s marvelous wild goose tongue grass pesto, pickled sea asparagus, dandelion pesto and sea spinach pesto that are incorporated into her dishes.  Each menu is uniquely created and made fresh from scratch using premium ingredients to delight the most discerning of tastes.

The critically acclaimed Executive Private Chef Shirley Lang of Kitchens of Distinction along with her culinary tour company, Spirit Culinary Excursions, has been featured in numerous local media outlets including Daily Hive Vancouver, Exalt Magazine, Eat Magazine, Douglas Magazine, Seaside Magazine, Focus Magazine, Victoria Times Colonist, Downtown & Around, and UVIC Law as well as UVIC Business, in addition to live on air at ‘A’ News – Chek TV, Coast Connections – Shaw Productions and the Q Radio.

Some of the awards Chef Shirley and Kitchens of Distinction Culinary Arts Ltd. have received include:

2017 Winner of Lux Global Excellence Awards for 'Best Full-Service Luxury Catering' in British Columbia
2017 Winner of Lux International Magazine’s Hospitality Awards for “Best Fine Food Catering Company’ in British Columbia
2017 Winner of the ‘Woman of Wisdom and Passion’ Award
2014 Winner of the ‘Woman to Watch’ Award

2010 People’s Choice Award for Moroccan cuisine

Executive Private Chef Shirley Lang
Victoria, BC, Canada 250-858-7777

2017 Peter Ashworth, Ashworth Associates Inc. Public Relations Media Marketing Communications

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