Kelly Ockeloen | Owner, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

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I want the world to be a happier place because people are moving their bodies, exercising their brains, and nurturing their souls on a consistent basis.


Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.

~ Arthur Ashe

Kelly helps people build a stronger sense of self.

Life can kick you in the ass, but you don’t have to settle for that ass-kicking.  With a strong mind, body and soul, you can deal with anything that comes at you.  Bringing out your inner awesome is much easier with confidence,
which increases with exercise.

Kelly constantly endeavours to live just outside of her comfort zone and takes clients with her, showing them that it’s fun and where we do our best growing – on all levels!

Building a stronger sense of self by learning how to be self-motivated - to look after your mental, physical and spiritual health - while having fun doing it.  With a strong mind, body and soul, we can deal with anything!

Kelly's unique differentiators are:

  • Kelly's clients are dealing with stress and overwhelm - she's been there.
  • Kelly is an empathetic and caring person with the ability to tap into what a person most needs to help them proactively manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm through exercise.
  • Kelly's approach with clients is fun and non-intimidating.  They feel comfortable knowing they won't be judged on their ability, but rather enjoy a positive focus on whatever it takes to build them up and help them move forward in fitness, and in the process eliminates excuses for not being able to exercise.



Everyone needs help finding motivation, willpower and consistency at times, from first-timer to experienced athlete.  Join Dagmar Meachem from Courage Space Coaching and Kelly Ockeloen from for a kick- start day retreat or weekend retreat to set the track and get you rolling on the path you’ve been longing for this Fall!
Imagine you, your coaches and just 5 other women in an intimate and empowering focus group on beautiful Bowen Island that will get you fired up about your physical and mental health, along with creating inspiring goals and a clear purpose for yourself.
With a strong mind, body, & soul, you CAN deal with anything!  You want to be happy, have loads of energy and confidence, right?  Step outside your comfort zone, contact Kelly @  I'd love to connect.
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"Feeling bad about yourself, feeling lazy, wishing you could get some control…that was me.  I finally got fed up and did something about it.  I can’t say enough great things about Kelly.  She is a miracle worker.  After much resistance, (on my part) I am in the best shape of my life and feel in control.  And I actually like myself. Kelly not only got me in shape physically but mentally she helped me to find myself again and gave me confidence to believe in myself.”

- Sandie Elliott, West Vancouver