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Kayla C. DeMars-Krentz

Kayla C. DeMars-Krentz, B.A. J.D. believes in families first, always.

Kayla's professional mission is to lead the way forward with better solutions for Canadian families to successfully walk through conflict and separation without the devastating and lasting effects typically experienced in the traditional legal system.

As a practicing lawyer and mediator with a background in counselling and psychology, Kayla is dedicated to providing dispute resolution services for her clients. As a solutions advocate, she specializes in the areas of collaborative law, mediation, parent coordination, and online resolution.



I am a solutions advocate. I practice family law in a holistic way.

I know the ins and outs of a courtroom - my experience in litigation has taught me how to be an effective negotiator and how to successfully keep matters out of court.

My streamlined process, system and tools support the rebuilding of health, happiness and freedom.

Separation does not need to 'rip' families apart.

It's time for a family-first approach, a healthier approach to the ebbs and flows, the changes and transitions that life brings us.


We are in a paradigm shift of how families deal with conflict.

"The first step is ensuring that people have alternatives to the current broken system. There needs to be real choices available.”

* Higher compliance for negotiated agreements than court orders.

* Better communication helps improve the chance of future resolutions.

* Better parent relationships lead to healthier environments for children.

We are paving a path for better processes to assist families going through separation and divorce. Using dispute resolution process, options such as collaborative law, mediation, and parent coordination puts the control back in the parties.

People are encouraged to explore their options and generate collaborative and creative solutions - family-first solutions - to their problems.


My law legacy. My life legacy.

I am an athletic academic who believes that negotiated agreements result in better outcomes for children.

What does 'better' look like to you?

It is time for peaceful resolutions in a team environment.

MORE ABOUT Kayla C. DeMars-Krentz:

“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser - in fees, expenses, and waste of time. As a peacemaker, the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Kayla is deeply committed to keeping all family law matters out of court after witnessing the devastating effects that the traditional legal system has on families - specifically children - lawyers, and everyone involved. Through years of litigation experience, spending most of her days arguing in a courtroom, Kayla has learned the value of dispute resolution and now provides exclusively out-of-court services collaborative law, mediation, and parent coordination through her new company, OutofCourtDivorce.com.

While completing her Honours degree in Psychology at the University of Regina, Kayla worked as a psychosocial rehabilitation worker and addictions counsellor, an experience that built her empathy and resolve to be a solutions-focused professional.

A certified collaborative law practitioner, a mediator and divorce coach, Kayla will also be pursuing a Professional Masters of Law in Dispute Resolution at Osgoode Hall, York University in the future.

Kayla is the President of the Board of Directors for the Collaborative Professionals of Saskatchewan and is the liaison between ADR Saskatchewan and the National Board of Directors for ADRIC. She is an active member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. A spiritual peacemaker who believes that crisis is an opportunity for change, growth and positive transformation, Kayla has worked with hundreds of clients from different backgrounds and cultures. She speaks English, French and Spanish.

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What's Next?

I am excited to work through the process of launching my new company, OutofCourtDivorce.com
I am try to continuously improve my clients lives as well as my own. For a long while, I have craved greater congruence with who I am and the services I provide to resolve problems.

I am excited to provide efficient and practical solutions as a skilled negotiator through my new organization, OutofCourtDivorce.com. My specialized knowledge in child custody and mobility issues, long-term marriages, complex criminal and substance abuse issues, and international immigration will save many families from going through the hardship of going to court. By employing a peacemaking approach to resolving conflict, we allow people work through relationship dissolution without ripping our families apart.

A myriad of social, ethical and cultural issues must be considered when dealing with clients in crisis - and I am happy to offer the avenue and vehicle for change.

I am aligned purposefully and philosophically with what I do while working with like-minded people.



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"I feel that you understand my situation best and are in the best position to help me. 

Over the years that we worked together, I have learned that you are a good person, with good morals and values, and I am proud to continue working with you going forward."


Family Law client

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"Her interpersonal skills give her the ability to work and contribute to a team."

"J’ai été impression par sa capacite extraordinaire d’apprendre et du ton professionnel qu’elle porte envers ses études et son travail. Toujours positive et souriante elle est dotée d’une présence énergique qu’elle partage avec d’autres. Son entregent lui donne l’habileté de travailler et de contribuer au sein d’une équipe."

"I was impressed by her extraordinary ability to learn and the professional tone she brings to her studies and work. Always positive and smiling, she has an energetic presence that she shares with others. Her interpersonal skills give her the ability to work and contribute to a team."

Marcel Michaud

Political Analyst and Liaison at Government of Saskatchewan
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